Gatling Pea Zombie is a type of zombie/plant hybrid that is only found in the mini-game ZomBotany 2. Much like Gatling Pea, it fires four peas at a time, but at the player's plants. With Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts, or Pumpkins protecting their plants, they should be of little threat. The only time problems arise are when they eat a Garlic, Imitater (while it's still changing) or any other vital plant with no protection. However, they are still one of the most dangerous of the ZomBotany zombies. Like all other ZomBotany zombies, it does not have a Suburban Almanac entry.


Gatling Pea Zombie absorbs 200 damage per shot and its appearance changes upon absorbing 100 damage per shot before dying at 200 damage per shot.


Gatling Pea Zombies are one of the most dangerous zombies in ZomBotany 2, so make sure to use defensive plants to protect your plants. However, if your Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts, or Pumpkins have already been badly damaged, you should replant them or use Wall-nut First Aid to avoid them from being eaten or destroyed. It is also a good idea to have two or three Peashooters in each row, so that Gatling Pea Zombies will die faster. The player can use instant-kill plants like Cherry Bomb, Squash or Tangle Kelp (only for Gatling Pea Zombies that are in water) to eliminate it easily.



  • Similar to Peashooter Zombie, if a pea from the Gatling Pea Zombie hits a Torchwood, the pea will not light on fire but damage the Torchwood instead.
  • When it is in the pool, the peas come out of the Gatling Pea Zombie's helmet.
  • It is the only ZomBotany zombie that is based on an upgrade plant.
  • Like Gatling Pea, it sometimes shoots three peas, instead of four.
  • It is one of three zombies in Plants vs. Zombies to have face paint, the others being Football Zombie and its giga form.
  • In the iPad version, it will show all of the straps, and therefore would have a long neck. Its head will look as it floats.
  • In the Game of the Year PC version, it does not appear to have straps, so part of the head appears to be floating a bit. The background replaces the non-existent strap instead. This does not happen in the Steam PC version. This is very similar to the non-existent neck of the Zomboni that happens in the same version but does not anywhere else.
  • In the iPod Touch and iPhone versions of the Gatling Pea Zombie, if the player looks carefully, he or she can see its head is floating a little bit off its body, so they can see the zombie's inside, when he or she knocks its head off.
  • Although Snow Peas and Winter Melons can slow down this zombie, Gatling Pea Zombies still fire at their normal rate. It shares this trait with the Peashooter Zombie.
  • Like Gatling Pea, this zombie is wearing a helmet but still has low toughness.
  • Even though there is a Gatling Pea Zombie, there is no Repeater Zombie, which is the downgrade of Gatling Pea.
  • Even if the player has not bought the Gatling Pea from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies, this zombie can still appear.

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