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Gatling Bot is a bot which can be built in Graveyard OpsHerbal Assault and Backyard Battleground. The plant counterpart is the Pea Gatling. It looks similar to Zombot Turret in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and fires lasers in the same way, yet uses a gatling gun at the top of its head to do so. The head looks similar to the Zombot from Plants vs. Zombies. Its primary weapon is called Pew Pew, which is a reference to its rapid-fire laser nature. It shoots eight lasers, each dealing 3 damage, which is a total of 24 damage before needing to reload.

A variant of Gatling Bot called Golden Gatling Bot is able to be purchased at Rux's Bazaar.


Gatling Bot


When your run-of-the-mill laser equipped robot isn't cutting it, give Gatling Bot a call.

Golden Gatling Bot


When even your Gatling Bot is gold-plated, you know you've made it!



  • This bot is named Laser Bot when receiving it from the Sticker Packs.
    • The figure set that includes it also calls it Laser Bot.
  • The "run-of-the-mill laser equipped robot" mentioned in the description is likely the Zombot Turret.

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