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For the version in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, see Gargantuar (Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare). For the version from Far Future of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, see Gargantuar Prime. For the Chinese exclusive Gargantuars in Kung-Fu World, see Gargantuar Bronze.
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Gargantuar is a gigantic zombie.
Toughness: Extremely high
First encountered: Level 5-8
Sun Cost: 300 sun
Brain Cost: 250 brains
Special: Crushes plants, throws Imp
When Gargantuar walks, the Earth trembles. When he moans, other zombies fall silent. He is the zombie other zombies dream they could be. But he still can't find a girlfriend.

Gargantuar Zombie

PvZA Gar
He likes soft things.
Toughness: Extremely High
First Appearance: Zombitorium Manor Level 1
Cost of neighbor attack: 20000 coins
Training cost: 7500 coins
Training time: 45 minutes



PVZIAT Gargantuar
Gargantuar really is kind of a big deal.
Toughness: Great
Speed: Hungry
First Appearance: Piñata Party
Special: Launches Imp when damaged
Damage: Crushes plants with pole
Gargantuar is the embodiment of power, made real. He is a juggernaut of hunger, from which there is no escape. He is fear unleashed. Well, he's fear slightly leashed.

Mummified Gargantuar2
Massive zombie from a royal line of mummies.
Toughness: Great
Speed: Hungry
First Appearance: Ancient Egypt - Day 8
Special: Launches Imp Mummy when damaged
Damage: Crushes plants with sarcophagus
True fact #1: The pyramids were built in an attempt to make Mummified Gargantuar seem small. It didn't work. True fact #2: The Sphinx isn't missing it's nose… that is the face of… Gargantuar

Gargantuar Pirate2
Enourmous zombie who refines shark attack.
Toughness: Great
Speed: Hungry
First Appearance: Pirate Seas - Day 8 or Dead Man's Booty
Special: Fires off Imp Pirate when damaged
Damage: Crushes plants with shark
Gargantuar Pirate likes short walks off the plank, moonlit raiding parties, and the smell of cannon fire. A true romantic.

Wild West Gargantuar2
Humongous zombie with brand awareness.
Toughness: Great
Speed: Hungry
First Appearance: Wild West - Day 8 or Big Bad Butte
Special: Launches Bull Rider when damaged
Damage: Crushes plants with brand
Likes candy.

Dark Ages Gargantuar2
Immense zombie who brings the hammer down.
Toughness: Great
Speed: Hungry
First Appearance: Dark Ages - Night 10
Special: Launches Imp Monk when damaged
Damage: Crushes plants with hammer
When Dark Ages Gargantuar wants to find pantaloons that fit him, he has to shop at the "Enormous & Towering" store. He hates it though. It's embarrassing. He just wants to shop for clothes where all the other zombies shop.


Holiday Gargantuar

Christmas Gargantuar2
Crushes plants and throws Imp
Toughness: Great
Speed: Hungry
First Appearance: 5 Days of Feastivus - Day 5
Special: Throws Christmas Imp when damaged
Damage: Crushes plants with candy cane

Easter Gargantuar2
Smashes plants and throws Imp
Toughness: Great
Speed: Hungry
First Appearance: Planned for an Easter Piñata Party, but it was cancelled.
Special: Throws Easter Imp when damaged
Damage: Crushes plants with carrot

Gargantuars and their time-themed variants in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time (Gargantuar Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures) are the fourth strongest zombies in the Plants vs. Zombies series (only Dr. Zomboss, the five Zombots, and the Giga-gargantuar are stronger, and the Giga-Football Zombie has the same amount of health), taking two instant kills to destroy. It is the 23rd zombie encountered in Adventure Mode. Not only does this massive land zombie have high health, but it also crushes the player's plants instead of eating them. Because the Gargantuar can crush plants, it is capable of destroying Spikerocks and Spikeweeds (Spikerock takes nine crushes of damage in Plants vs. Zombies and three in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time though). Upon dying, Gargantuars drop their pole, sway, and fall over. They do not lose their heads like most other zombies in Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, however, they do in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. Once a Gargantuar has lost a large portion of its health (or has been attacked by an instant kill), it will throw its Imp (in Plants vs. Zombies, it will only throw the Imp if it is not more than halfway to the player's house).

Suburban Almanac Entry

Plants vs. Zombies

Gargantuar Almanac

Gargantuar is a gigantic zombie.

Toughness: extremely high

When Gargantuar walks, the Earth trembles. When he moans, other zombies fall silent. He is the zombie other zombies dream they could be. But he still can't find a girlfriend.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time



SPEED: Hungry

Gargantuar really is kind of a big deal.

Damage: crushes plants with pole

Special: throws Imp when damaged

Gargantuar is the embodiment of power, made real. He is a juggernaut of hunger, from which there is no escape. He is fear unleashed. Well, he's fear slightly leashed.

Mummified Gargantuar


SPEED: Hungry

Massive zombie from a royal line of mummies.

Damage: crushes plants with sarcophagus
Special: launches Imp Mummy when damaged

True Fact #1: The pyramids were built in an attempt to make Mummified Gargantuar seem small. It didn't work. True Fact #2: The Sphinx isn't missing its nose... that is the face of... Gargantuar.

Gargantuar Pirate


SPEED: Hungry

Enormous zombie who redefines the shark attack.

Damage: crushes plants with shark

Special: fires off Pirate Imp when damaged

Gargantuar Pirate likes short walks off the plank, moonlit raiding parties, and the smell of cannon fire. A true romantic.

Wild West Gargantuar


SPEED: Hungry

Humongous zombie with brand awareness.

Damage: crushes plants with brand

Special: launches Bull Rider when damaged

Likes candy.

Dark Ages Gargantuar


SPEED: Hungry

Immense zombie who brings the hammer down.

Damage: crushes plants with hammer

Special: launches Imp Monk when damaged

When Dark Ages Gargantuar wants to find pantaloons that fit him, he has to shop at the "Enormous & Towering" store. He hates it though. It's embarrassing. He just wants to shop for clothes where all the other zombies shop.


Plants vs. Zombies

The Gargantuar absorbs 150 normal damage shots and its appearance changes after 50 and 100 normal damage shots before dying at 150 normal damage shots or 2 instant kills. The Gargantuar throws its Imp at 75 normal damage shots, or one instant kill.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

After 50 damage (or one instant kill) the Gargantuar Zombie will throw the Imp. After 150 damage, the Gargantuar Zombie will be defeated. The only degrade is at 50 when its Imp is thrown, no bandages appear on the Gargantuar Zombie.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

The Gargantuar absorbs 175 normal damage shots and it does not have any degrades. The Gargantuar throws its Imp at 91 normal damage shots.


Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time


Plants vs. Zombies

You can delay a Gargantuar with Spikerocks, which take nine smashes before they disappear. Cheap plants like Puff-shrooms are also a good choice, as they have fast recharge and cost no sun which makes them good emergency delayers. It is advised that you attack it with at least one instant, or else it may do a lot of damage to your vital defenses. Winter Melons are quite useful against it, especially in Survival: Endless. Although Chompers cannot eat a Gargantuar whole, they can keep biting at it, doing two nds per bite, making them good for weakening them. Hitting a Gargantuar with a Squash followed by a Jalapeno kills it fast, and prevents the Imp from doing serious damage. A charged Potato Mine will deal damage to the Gargantuar when it crushes it. Hypno-shrooms do not work against it, because it does not try to eat anything. However, a hypnotized Imp can eat a Gargantuar without dying. Rows of Gloom-shrooms adjacent to his path will work as well. In the Survival Mode Pool levels (especially Survival: Endless) you can stagger it
Dead Gargantuar

A dying Gargantuar with a zombie for a club in Vasebreaker.

a bit so that Gloom-shrooms in the Pool kill Gargantuars before they reach ones on dry land. Another way to take out a Gargantuar is to use two Gatling Peas and a Torchwood. You can also kill a Gargantuar without making it launch its Imp. You have to have good defenses, though. First, let your plants damage it until its arm gets a patch. Once that happens, quickly use an Instant Kill. It will die and the Imp will not even be thrown.

Probably the most useful strategy for Gargantuars, working well in both Dr. Zomboss's Revenge and Column Like You See 'Em, is using two Jalapenos, one to activate the Imp and another one to take them out without major damage from the Imp.

I, Zombie

In the I, Zombie level Me Smash!, these are useful in hard rows without multiple Squashes, although occasionally a single Squash and a Kernel-pult with other offensive plants can kill it too.


In Vasebreaker, save some Squashes to get rid of these zombies, though Potato Mines work as well. There will be a Gargantuar but it might be difficult as the Squashes will go away after some time and clicking randomly until the Gargantuar appears might outnumber your other lane.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Day 8 and 25 of Ancient Egypt and Pirate Seas

Two Potato Mines can kill a Gargantuar. Gargantuars can also be frozen by Iceberg Lettuce or Kernel-pult to allow time for plants to do more damage to them. In Pirate Seas, Snapdragon with Plant Food can cause massive damage like an instant kill, meaning that two uses of Plant Food on a Snapdragon can kill the Gargantuar.

In Ancient Egypt, Mummified Gargantuars and Pharaoh Zombies are considered dangerous and very troublesome, because of having many health. It is unadvised to use a Blover in Pyramid of Doom against a Mummified Gargantuar throwing its Imp Mummy, because it would be a waste of Sun. Therefore, you will require at least a Cherry Bomb and Melon-pult when fighting. Mummified Gargantuars are also considered dangerous in Day 25 of Ancient Egypt during the battle of Dr. Zomboss and his Zombot Sphinx-inator. You can also let the Zombot Sphinx-inator charge at the Mummified Gargantuars and other dangerous Ancient Egypt zombies by killing them in one hit. However, all your plants that you have planted will be crushed. This is a good way of ridding dangerous zombies of the way.

In Pirate Seas, Pirate Gargantuars and Imp Cannons are considered very dangerous and troublesome in Dead Man's Booty, because of throwing their Imp Pirate Zombies. You must have Cherry Bombs/Jalapenos, Winter Melons, Spring Beans, and Blovers in the mode you are playing. The Pirate Gargantuars are also dangerous in Day 25 during the battle with Dr. Zomboss and his Zombot Plank Walker. To avoid losing your Coconut Cannons which have been planted, DO NOT use Plant Food early. You must do it fast so that the Zombot Plank Walker will get stunned after it has killed the Pirate Gargantuars along with numerous zombies, so all your plants will not get crushed.

Wild West - Day 8 and Day 25

Use Plant Food on a Pea Pod twice to defeat the Gargantuar. Without Plant Food, it will be hard to defeat.

Also, a stalling strategy can be used by moving a cart when a plant is about to be crushed by this zombie. Do this repeatedly until the Gargantuar is taken out. Just don't let the plant die.

Wild West Gargantuars and Zombie Bulls are considered to be the dangerous zombies in Big Bad Butte. Their troublesome deeds are when they launch their Zombie Bull Riders. You will need Cherry Bombs/Jalapenos, Blover (possibly along with its Imitater version), Winter Melons, and Melon-pults. The Wild West Gargantuars and Chicken Wrangler Zombies are also very dangerous and sometimes, it is surprising that you won't see the Chicken Wrangler Zombie during the seed selection. If this is the case and you feel that there's a Chicken Wrangler Zombie hidden, bring Lightning Reed with you or you will risk a lot of money in spending for Power Ups. During the battle in Day 25 with Dr. Zomboss and his Zombot War Wagon, you will need to put Plant Food on the maxed out Pea Pods on Mine Carts for extra damage on the Gargantuars. Dr. Zomboss's charge attack can also kill all Wild West Gargantuars and other dangerous zombies in one hit, but you must move your Pea Pods on Mine Carts on any position to avoid letting them get crushed.

Dark Ages - Night 10

A Fume-shroom when upgraded with Plant Food will deal more damage on the Gargantuar. However, avoid using Plant Food too early or the Gargantuar will take too long to kill. Once you damaged a Gargantuar when it is close to a Fume-shroom, it will throw its Imp. You must destroy its Imp to avoid losing your Fume-shrooms and Wall-nuts; in addition, you must be fast before the Gargantuar crushes your Fume-shrooms and Wall-nuts before the Imp Monk Zombie eats your plants by putting Plant Food on it. That will kill both zombies: Imp Monk Zombie and Dark Ages Gargantuar.

These and Zombie Wizards are very dangerous in Arthur's Challenge, because their troublesome deeds are when the Dark Ages Gargantuar crushes your plants and the Wizard Zombies turn your plants into sheep. You must have a Cherry Bomb and an Iceberg Lettuce for your disposal to prevent these negative effects from happening. These and Zombie Kings (along with Knight Zombies) are also dangerous in Arthur's Challenge, because their troublesome deeds are when the Zombie King turns all regular zombies into Knight Zombies and Knight Zombies take too much damage to destroy. You must have enough good defenses to prevent this from happening. Pay attention to the brown rods, knight helmets, and Peasant Imps when you see them crowded in groups.

During the battle with Dr. Zomboss and his Zombot Dark Dragon, multiples of them in groups are very dangerous, because their troublesome deeds are when they smash your plants in the second phase. Pea-nuts will be destroyed instantly by it, because this zombie does not eat plants. It is recommended to use Plant Food on your Fume-shrooms to deal more damage against it, but you must be fast when focusing on all dangerous zombies (Knight Zombie, Jester Zombie, and Wizard Zombie) to prevent a massive negative effect from happening.

Kung-Fu World - Day 19, 24 and 29

It is very difficult to kill Bronze Gargantuars, because they have double health of a normal Gargantuar. The luckiest Gargantuar is the Knight Bronze Gargantuar, because he only gets angrier and faster when he only takes 20 normal damage shots. Only use Plant Food on Potato Mine or on Pea Pod when you are seriously in danger. Other strategy is collect at least 15 gems to use Nuclear Cucumber. Do not use it and Plant Food when the Gargantuars are in the stone statues.

Endless Zone

Winter Melon does solid damage and slows down Gargantuar. Pea Pod with Torchwood does incredible damage, especially with two maxed out Pea Pods and Plant Food boosted Torchwood. Squash with Jalapeno also can deal with it, and the Jalapeno can take out the Imp too. In Pirate Seas, Spring Bean also works, but only if Gargantuar is in a lane that is adjacent to water. Remember that Power Toss and Power Pinch (before the 1.9 update) do not work against it, and starting the 2.2 update, the ability to push Gargantuars into the water with the Power Toss in Pirate Seas has been removed, though you can toss Gargantuar into the air using the Power Toss and blow them away with a Blover. Placing a Coconut Cannon adjacent to it, blasting it, and shoveling it can also make a perfect delay against them especially if they are all in numbers. This tactic is good in higher levels of Endless Zone.

Piñata Party

Regular Gargantuars (and their world variations) in Piñata Party are very dangerous in conveyor belt and Locked and Loaded levels, because their troublesome move is when they throw their Imps. A Laser Bean will deal heavy damage when fed with Plant Food in some parties. In the St. Patrick's Day event, these and Leprechaun Imps are very dangerous, because they can crowd weaker zombies and can almost reach your house. Use Plant Food on your Torchwoods and Repeaters to deal more damage as your disposal. You can also use Plant Food on your Spikeweeds to prevent them from crushing your plants. However, only plant them on the last lane. Only use Power-Ups when you have enough money and when these zombies are flashing red in case of emergency. In one of the Lock and Loaded levels, use Plant Food on one of your Lightning Reeds so that its thunder cloud can deal more damage to Gargantuars. This is a good idea to avoid risking money on Power-Ups.

These zombies in Gargantuar Week are very dangerous, because their troublesome deed is when they travel via whirlwind and throw their Imps almost close to your house. You must use a Cherry Bomb to deal damage quickly in case of emergency. You can also use Iceberg Lettuce, but you must be fast by using Plant Food, so one of the zombies does not get frozen.

Other variations

Main article: Giga-gargantuar
The Giga-gargantuar is the second most powerful zombie in the game (only surpassed by Dr. Zomboss), found only in Survival: Endless, Survival: Day (Endless),


Survival: Night (Endless), Survival: Fog (Endless), Survival: Roof (Endless), Co-op Endless and Last Stand: Endless. It has double the health of a regular Gargantuar. The only difference in appearance is that the Giga version has red eyes.
Main article: Gargantuar Prime

The Gargantuar Prime is actually the fourth variation of the Gargantuar. However, this variation is not an organic being but rather a mechanized walker outfitted with Laser systems and Bug Bot deployment systems and has a slow speed. This variation only exists in Far Future and is a formidable enemy when in numbers. The only similarity it bears is to crush plants and to launch Imps as Last Resort purposes. However, Gargantuar Prime can overkill the plants it just crushes.


Gargantuar2 See Gargantuar/Gallery. Gargantuar2



  • Along with the Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie and Imp, Gargantuar is one of the five zombies to have appeared in every Plants vs. Zombies game.
  • The Gargantuar, the Zomboni, Dr. Zomboss, the Giga-gargantuar, the Catapult Zombie, the Squash Zombie, the Weightlifter Zombie, Barrel Roller Zombie and the Pianist Zombie are the only zombies that can crush plants.
  • Their name could be reference to Star Wars as "Gungan" and "Gargantuar" are spelled similar.
  • Since Gargantuars do not eat, it is odd that the eating sound is played if it successfully invades the house.
  • Despite the fact that the zombies in the game were once humans, it does not make sense how a Gargantuar could have a been a human due to its massive size.
    • It is possible that it could have been mutated by Dr. Zomboss.
  • Gargantuar, Giga-gargantuar, Giga-Football Zombie, Pharaoh Zombie, Mall Cop Zombie (if it is still on its segway), Robo-Cone Zombie, Disco-tron 3000, Mecha-Football Zombie, Tall-nut Zombie and Dr. Zomboss are the only zombies that can survive a single instant kill.
  • The player can kill a Gargantuar before it launches its Imp, if they either use two fully-charged instant kills or explosives, or if they have lots of fast-firing plants.
  • It is unknown why the Gargantuar throws its Imp. It is possible that it is so angry at being wounded, it needs somebody to take its anger on, or simply on Dr. Zomboss' orders. It also probably throws its Imp as a last resort.
  • The Gargantuar stops moving for a while when it throws its Imp.

Plants vs. Zombies

  • Gargantuars will never spawn at the top lane of all game modes (except Survival Endless levels or Last Stand: Endless). The most probable reason is to avoid obstructing the view of the available plants menu at the top of the screen with their massive size. Players can take advantage of this behavior, as they can put plants there which otherwise would be smashed in a single smash of a Gargantuar, like a Pumpkin or a Spikeweed; or concentrate on investing their sun reserves for upgrading other lanes which demand more attention.
  • A Lawn Mower or a Roof Cleaner can kill a Gargantuar, despite the size of the Gargantuar. When it is killed by one, the Gargantuar turns into a puff of smoke even though the Gargantuar is not mechanical.
    • This could be because the Gargantuar has no "head falling off" animation. It would also seem odd if it dies the normal way (drop club, stagger, fall down and die) when hit by a lawn mower (actually both seem weird, but exploding seems better and more appropriate than the normal death).
  • Despite the Almanac saying that the Earth trembles when Gargantuar walks, the whole screen does not shake when he takes a step, although this happens when Gargantuar smashes a plant and when it dies.
    • The Almanac probably says that to emphasize the Gargantuar's power and control.
  • In the I, Zombie level Me Smash!, the Gargantuar smashes the brain instead of eating it.
    • However, there is a biting sound when this happens. The same sound is also played after it kills a plant. This is because the Gargantuar has no eating animation.
  • According to its Suburban Almanac Entry, the Gargantuar is the only Zombie who is looking for love.
  • The Gargantuar is the second most expensive zombie in I, Zombie, costing 300 sun.
    • The only zombie which costs more in I, Zombie is the Dancing Zombie, which costs 350 sun.
      • Both use other Zombies to attack.
  • If the Gargantuar is killed by an instant kill and hasn't been able to throw its Imp, the body of the Imp will also disintegrate inside the trash can and then its head will fall onto the pile of ash the Gargantuar has turned into.
  • If the Gargantuar is killed (not by explosive instant kills besides Potato Mines) while the Imp is still alive, the Imp will recede back into its trash can.
  • The Gargantuar will not hit other zombies that have been affected by a Hypno-shroom. The Zombie will eat the Gargantuar, but they usually cannot kill the Gargantuar before it goes away because Gargantuar's high health.
  • If a Chomper manages to kill a Gargantuar, it will show the chewing animation with a normal zombie's arm sticking out.
  • If a Gargantuar is killed while slowed by some sort of ice plant right at the starting point you will be able to see the corpse while you are picking plants (Survival Mode and Last Stand: Endless only.)
  • The Gargantuar smashes and crushes the plants, similar to what the Squash does to zombies.
  • Gargantuars can have one of three different clubs: a telephone pole, a wildlife crossing sign, or another zombie.
    • The zombies that the Gargantuars use have cut ties on their clothes.
    • Gargantuars only use normal Zombie as clubs.
      • Their hand's graphics seem to be designed specifically for the telephone pole, as for other clubs their fingers partially overlap the sprite of the wildlife crossing sign or Zombie respectively.
  • The name "Gargantuar" likely comes from its gargantuan size or possibly as a reference to the Toho movie "The War of the Gargantuas".
    • It also may also be a reference to the fictional French giant Gargantua.
  • Gargantuars can only throw its Imp five squares away from the right side of the screen. If a Gargantuar loses half of its health at the fifth square, it can't throw an Imp.
  • The Gargantuar is one of the two zombies that have a Giga form. The other is the Football Zombie.
  • The Gargantuar is one of the three zombies that comes in groups, the other two are the Zombie Bobsled Team and the Dancing Zombie with its Backup Dancers.
  • When a Gargantuar throws an Imp while it is frozen or slowed down, the Imp will also be slowed down.
  • The Gargantuar, the Giga-gargantuar, the Bungee Zombie, the Balloon Zombie above the pool, the Zomboni, the Catapult Zombie, the Catapult Baseball Zombie and Dr. Zomboss are the only zombies whose heads do not fall off when killed or defeated.
  • When the Gargantuar smashes a plant, the whole screen shakes.
    • The screen also shakes when the Gargantuar's dead body hits the ground.
    • It also happens when the Squash squashes any zombies.
    • This also occurs when Cob Cannon's cob explodes.
  • When using the Action Replay on the DS version, a glitch may occur in which when the zombies are viewed, the Gargantuar will be seen without a head, the Imp at its back, and its legs.
  • The Imp on the Gargantuar holds reins tied to the Gargantuar's collar but when he throws the Imp the reins disappear.

    Two dying Frozen Gargantuars without Imps.

  • A rake alone will not kill a Gargantuar. It will deal one instant kill of damage, then it will throw the Imp.
  • The Gargantuar's roar is the same roar used by Dr. Zomboss when his Zombot is destroyed.
  • The Gargantuar takes six hits in Co-op Bowling.
  • The Zombot looks like it is based on a Gargantuar, considering the toughness and appearance of both zombies.
  • The Gargantuar, the Balloon Zombie and the Screen Door Zombie are three of four zombies that appear in I, Zombie levels, but not in I, Zombie Endless. This is probably to keep the player from making the puzzle too easy, due to the fact that these three are very effective against the plants in the level. However, the normal Zombie is also omitted to make the game more challenging in another way, for a normal zombie can sometimes manage to clear a line with a single offensive plant, while the Imp cannot in most cases, unless the offensive plant is a Spikeweed or (sometimes) a Kernel-pult in the rightmost column.
  • It is possible for a Gargantuar to be damaged by a Spikeweed or a Spikerock, if they are planted under the Gargantuar.
  • If a sleeping mushroom is squashed by a Gargantuar, the mushroom will become a flattened woken version of the mushroom.

Gargantuar's concept design

  • As seen in the concept design for Gargantuar posted on the Plants vs. Zombies Facebook page, the Gargantuar was going to be a much more muscular zombie with short legs. His telephone pole is still present, however, although its Imp is missing.
  • The Gargantuar has a collar around its neck.
    • This is because the Imp treats it like a horse.
  • The Gargantuar can only have two bandages.
  • When a Gargantuar squashes a Sunflower in the I, Zombie level "Me Smash!", all the sun comes out, unlike the other zombies in I, Zombie, as they eat the Sunflower while sun comes out.
  • The Gargantuar and Imp may be a reference to Freak the Mighty, where Freak rides on Max's shoulders like an Imp rides on a Gargantuar's back.
  • Gargantuar's shirt and shoes gets torn up at every degrade.
  • When Dr. Zomboss puts down a Gargantuar, the Gargantuar is actually taller than the Zombot's hand. The Gargantuar thus seems to appear out of nowhere.
    • This also happens on versions of the game that have bushes on the far right of the lawn.
  • If a Gargantuar dies before the Imp is tossed, then the Imp will disappear into the trash can.
    • This is because there is no "Gargantuar died with Imp on back" animation.
  • It is weird that in the DS version, plants will be crushed before Gargantuars finishes crushing them. This makes it harder to defeat in the DS version.
    • This also happens in the DSiWare version.
  • Despite its heavy weight, the Roof can still hold the Gargantuar and does not break when the Gargantuar falls or smashes a plant.
  • It is unknown how it can fit inside the vases in Vasebreaker.
  • Its wildlife crossing sign seems to have a duck on it.
  • Sometimes, in the DSiware version, the Gargantuar will change its weapon when it smashes a plant.
  • If the player hacks Wall-nut Bowling 2 to have a Gargantuar, a Giant Wall-nut can kill it in one hit.
  • The HD Gargantuar has a naked Imp.
  • If you look closely you can see it has rope tied around him.
  • If playing the game on a mobile device, and the device has a vibration feature, a Gargantuar will trigger the vibration in two ways: every time it crushes a plant, and when it falls over and dies.
    • The same does not hold true in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.
    • The only other times the device vibrates is when using any explosive plant and during certain occurrences while battling Dr. Zomboss.
  • Oddly, the Gargantuar never crushes the player's lawn mowers, pool cleaners and roof cleaners; although in I, Zombie, it smashes the brain at the end of the row.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

  • Though it still has its pole, in the "Choose Your Seeds" screen of Road Trip levels, it appears without its pole.
  • When a Gargantuar Zombie is defeated with the Imp still riding in this game, the Imp will fall out of the trash can and onto the ground.
    • This is not so if it gets burned.
  • Sometimes the Gargantuar Zombie will not throw its Imp. This is because the location of where the Gargantuar Zombie is throwing, this is where the Imp's location will also be. This being so, when the Gargantuar Zombie throws the Imp, the Imp will take damage, sometimes killing it, and not taking the flag.
  • In Brainball, there is no known way to prevent any attack from Gargantuar Zombies because of its Imp throw landing very close to a target building. You can easily use a wave of Barrel Zombies if the Imp does not reach your target.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

  • It growls continuously in the seed selection.
  • Gargantuar loses its head when dying unlike in the original Plants vs. Zombies.
    • However, it still will not crush the player's Lawn Mowers.
  • Unlike the first game, Gargantuar now has a dying animation with an Imp (the Imp falls out of holder onto its back).
  • You will hear a crumbling sound when you incinerate a Gargantuar.
  • The Gargantuar has different variations in different areas.
    • In Piñata Parties, it is just called the Gargantuar. It only uses a telephone pole to smash plants, just like the first game.
      • Its almanac entry just says Gargantuar instead of Basic Gargantuar. The same goes for the Imp.
    • In Ancient Egypt, it is called the Mummified Gargantuar. It uses a sarcophagus to smash plants.
      • Oddly, the sarcophagus does not break if it smashes a plant.
      • If one looks closely when it is smashing a plant with the sarcophagus, one can see a Mummy Zombie inside, although it's only visible for a split second. 
    • In Pirate Seas, it is called the Gargantuar Pirate. It uses a shark to smash plants.
      • If one looks closely, one can see that the shark has eaten a Zombie.
      • If one freezes it before smashing a plant, one may notice that the shark's tail is below its raised hand.
    • In Wild West, it is called the Wild West Gargantuar. It uses a brand to smash plants.
      • Brand is a charred piece of wood. The circular part of it is the charred part. Therefore, it is quite odd for a plant not to burn when smashed.
      • It has a Z on its brand, probably referring that it is a zombie.
      • It has the second shortest almanac in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, with the first being the Zombie Chicken (which has only one word).
    • In Far Future it is called Gargantuar Prime and is a mechanized variant. For more information, see Gargantuar Prime.
    • In Dark Ages, it is called the Dark Ages Gargantuar. It uses a hammer to smash plants.
  • In Ancient Egypt and Wild West, when severely damaged or damaged by an instant-kill plant, they will throw their Imp to the third column. However, the Gargantuar Pirate stops for a bit which is slightly longer than Egyptian and Western Gargantuars and fires the Imp Cannon. The Imp will still land on the third column.
  • Zapping a Gargantuar reveals that he has an entire dinosaur skeleton instead of rib bones. It is unknown how this works.
    • Also, in PopCap's blog, Mark, an artist from the team, mentioned that he hopes everyone takes the time to look closely at the skeleton of a Gargantuar after defeating it.
  • The Gargantuar crushes plants stronger than Barrel Roller Zombie and Pianist Zombie, as it can destroy a Wall-nut or Tall-nut in one hit, while Barrel Roller Zombie and Pianist Zombie takes longer to crush a defensive plant.
    • However, if Wall-nut or Tall-nut is fed with Plant Food it will survive another hit.
  • A Spring Bean can instantly kill a Gargantuar in Pirate Seas when near water. However, a boosted Spring Bean can overkill a horde of Gargantuars if accompanied by a Blover.
  • The Gargantuar must smash the Spikerock three times, compared to the original Plants vs. Zombies, which takes nine smashes.
  • When the player blows up or zap a Gargantuar to its last hit point the Imp will always be in the animation even if it has been thrown. 
  • The Gargantuar is one of six zombies to have a new look for the Feastivus Event, the others are Swashbuckler Zombie, Poncho Zombie, Pianist Zombie, Camel Zombies and Imp.
  • Oddly, when the player uses an instant-kill plant to attack an undamaged Gargantuar, the Gargantuar will not throw its Imp until it is damaged by another plant.
  • The only Power-Ups that can kill Gargantuars are Power Zap and Power Snow.
    • This is since Power Pinch will not work against it and Power Toss makes it only go to the top right edge of the screen.
      • Before the 2.2 update, it was possible to use Power Toss to throw Gargantuars into the water in Pirate Seas.
      • However, it is possible to kill the Gargantuars if one was to plant a Blover and then quickly toss them.
  • In every time period so far, besides Feastivus and Basic versions, all types of Gargantuars are only ever shown not wearing shoes, even in the statues next to Level 8 of worlds.
  • Gargantuars can now utilize sandstorms like Mummy Zombies. However, this is only used in Piñata Parties.
  • Despite its high health and massive damage, its speed is quite fast in this game, making the levels more difficult. However, the Gargantuar Prime is a robot, making it have stiff speed.
  • The Mummified Gargantuar and Gargantuar Prime are the only ones to smash plants with both hands. The Mummified Gargantuar uses both hands to smash with the sarcophagus while the Gargantuar Prime smashes twice.
  • When the Gargantuar is past the third column from the left and throws its Imp, the Imp will fly backwards to the third column.
  • The modern and medieval Gargantuar uses the groans and grunts of its Egyptian and Western variations.
  • Hypnotized Gargantuars can throw their hypnotized Imps, but it still lands to the third column from the left. This means that the Imp will actually be thrown backwards.

    The hypnotized Imp trails behind the hypnotized Gargantuar.

  • Gargantuars absorb four smashes from a hypnotized Gargantuar with the hypnotized one surviving the fourth hit (they take five smashes).
  • If one looks closely, the barrel from the back of the Dark Ages variant changes its color.
  • The plants Gargantuar smashed will no longer have a squished sprite. Instead, they will instantly disappear.
  • If a Gargantuar dies before its Imp is thrown, the Imp will land on ground, disappearing, even though it's not harmed.
  • Gargantuar Prime and Dark Ages Gargantuar are the only Gargantuars to appear in levels other than Day 8, Day 25, Night 10 of Dark Ages and Endless Zones.
  • Strangely, in Dark Ages, Gargantuars destroy the evil potions that appear in Dark Alchemy, even when not hypnotized. This is probably because a boosted Gargantuar would be too strong.
  • There was going to be a Easter Pinata Party, in which the Easter Gargantuar would have appeared. But that was cancelled, So the Easter Gargantuar never made its appearance.
    • But it is possible to get the Easter Gagantuar by editing the files.

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