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Garden Dioxide2 Garden Dioxide
As a Soldier, Vanquish 2 Players using a single ZPG strike

Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Garden Dioxide Xbox1

Garden Dioxide icon in the Xbox One version

Garden Dioxide is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To get it, the player must vanquish two players with a single ZPG or Multi-Rocket ability.


Its name is a portmanteau of the compound "Carbon dioxide", and "garden," referring to the plants.


Blindly firing at the ground in the middle of a group of plants will likely get two or more vanquishes. However, if you aim for a specific plant in a group, that plant will get vanquished from the direct hit. The splash damage will likely vanquish one or more of the other plants, giving you a greater chance of earning the achievement. Remember that potted plants count too so going for a Sunflower with a Heal Flower is also a good tactic.

In Gardens & Graveyards, it is easier to get Garden Dioxide. When the plants are protecting the garden, jump to a rooftop and shoot a ZPG at the garden.

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