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Plants vs. Zombies Online
(translation: Ganoderma)
Ganodermas shoot spores at zombies.
Almanac statistics
Sun cost 100
Recharge Fast
Damage Normal
Range Straight
In-game statistics
Direct damage 1 normal damage shot
Unlocked Beating Far Future - Level 9-1

Ganoderma is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It attacks zombies by shooting spores that do one normal damage shot each at the zombies.

Plant Food effect

When given Plant Food, Ganoderma creates a circle of light around itself, automatically restoring all plants' health within a 3x3 radius.


It can be very useful behind defensive plants, as its Plant Food will heal them completely in a 3x3 square, which is also perfect for injuried Banana Trees. Other than those strategies, it is able to be used as a normal Peashooter.




  • It and Anthurium share a lot of traits.
    • Both of them have very similar designs.
    • Their idle animations are similar to each other.
    • Their left heads do not attack at all.
  • Its heads resemble two UFOs or two satellites. 
  • It is the seventh plant in the series to be double headed.
  • It appears to be the only mushroom in the series to have leaves.
  • Its Plant Food ability is similar to the function of Heavenly Peach and Aloe.
    • This makes it the only attacking plant that can heal nearby plants in the tower defense series.
  • It is the first mushroom that is unlocked in Normal Mode.
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