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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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For a similar zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 2, see Bug Bot Imp.

Future Imp is a zombie encountered in Garden Ops in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, and a few of Agent Citron's missions. It can shoot purple lasers at plants, called in-game the Future Laser, and do a spinning suicide attack similar to the Exploding Imp, called the Self-Destruct. They do not have very high health, with around 25 health points each. They also move rather slowly, so they are not very hard to deal with individually.



  • They resemble the Bug Bot Imps from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • These imps have no real spawning animation. Instead of popping out of the ground, they just suddenly materialize out of nowhere.
    • However, they do have animations for being gooped, swallowed from both sides by Chomper, and eaten by Burrow.
  • If the player is on a rooftop and the Future Imp is running towards them, the Future Imp will stop when it is close to where the player would be on the ground, and then it will use its Self-Destruct, not damaging the player and vanquishing itself.
  • When it jumps, it legs retract into it, and pop back out when it has landed.
    • It falls very slowly, as if it is using moon gravity.
  • These imps have a variety of unique sounds, although they use sound effects from both the Mech Gargantuar and the Imp.
  • The Future Imp can be seen on a poster in the Portal Room for the Imp class (containing Steve the Z-Mech), that says, "No Mission is Impossible!", next to a Z-Mech, a bunch of Imps, and a Imp piloting the unknown flying machine seen in the Garden Warfare 2 reveal trailer, also seen sometimes flying in the sky above the Zombie Base in the Backyard Battleground and Z-Tech Factory.
  • When they are vanquished, these Imps explode without dealing any damage.
    • This also happens when they are eaten by a Chomper.
    • This is similar to the Exploding Imp and the Exploding Imp Fan, as both also explode and do no damage when they are vanquished or eaten.
  • Despite being inside a metal robotic spaceship, they can still be turned into goats with Goatify.
    • This is likely a developer oversight, as the Mech Gargantuar is also an Imp inside a metal robot, and yet he cannot be Goatified.
      • However, this is probably because he is a boss.
  • The Imp inside of the yellow spaceship appears to be decently smaller than the Imp class in Garden Warfare 2 and the Exploding Imp Fan, for unknown reasons.
    • It shares this trait with the Mech Gargantuar and the regular Exploding Imp.