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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
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Full Stars is a feature in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. The player can get prizes for obtaining a certain number of stars in a chapter. It will be unlocked once the player gets their first nine stars.

The player will can get gems, a whole plant at level 1, a puzzle piece, one weapon or armor. The higher the level, the level of armor or weapons and the amount of gems will increase. Each prize can only be obtained once. When a prize can be obtained, it will notify the player by having a small red button on the icon.

If the player looks for prizes in the chapter they are in, the chapter's prizes will be labelled as "current chapter".


American Suburbs

Stars Prize
9 Wall-nut2
20 50 gems
30 Slap GrassAS

Prehistoric Ages

Stars Prize
20 One Wall-nut2 Puzzle Piece
40 One level 2 slingshot
60 Spikeweed2

The Great Wall of China

Stars Prize
25 Sunflower2
50 One level 2 cloak
75 50 gems

Ancient Egypt

Stars Prize
30 One level 2 armor
60 100 gems
90 Magnet-shroom2

Pirate Seas

Stars Prize
30 100 gems
60 One level 3 armor
90 CattailPvZ2AS

Wild West

Stars Prize
30 150 gems
60 One level 3 meteor hammer
90 PistachioAS

Kung-Fu World

Stars Prize
30 150 gems
60 One level 3 staff
90 Small PepperAS

Journey to the West

Stars Prize
30 200 gems
60 One level 3 cloak
90 Lizard GrassAS

Viking World

Stars Prize
30 200 gems
60 One level 3 armor
90 Irascible MushroomAS

Far Future

Stars Prize
30 200 gems
60 One level 3 armor
90 Coconut SniperAS

Dark Ages

Stars Prizes
30 300 gems
60 10 tickets
90 Blover2



  • American Suburbs is the only location where the player can get two complete plants.
  • Dark Ages is the only location where obtaining weapons or armor are not available.