Frozen Citron is the Rare ice variant of Citron in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He was first shown as an easter egg in the September 2015 developer diary, and later teased in the Aloe 5: Gardening spoof image, but was later showcased in some beta footage of the Backyard Battleground. Like all ice variants, if he shoots a zombie for long enough, they will freeze in place, making them easier to vanquish. He also deals more impact damage than the normal Citron, around 6-10 damage depending on range but does not deal any splash damage. However, his weapon also overheats more quickly than the normal Citron. He was the only Citron variant unlockable in the Multiplayer Beta.


Stickerbook description

There's more to the Frozen Citron than just a frosty demeanor. He's great at ice fishing, and his toboggaming skill are second to none.

In-game description

His Frosty Beam will slow and eventually freeze Zombie foes!

AI Health

Easy: 120

Normal: 160

Hard: 200


Primary weapon

The Frozen Citron's primary weapon is the Frosty Beam. It is a laser that deals more damage than the standard Orange Beam at around 6-8 impact damage and 7-10 critical depending on the distance from the enemy.


Assault Mode abilities


EMPeach, like its Plants vs. Zombies 2 counterpart, slows down and lightly damages zombies in its radius. It also prevents zombies from using their abilities.

Citron Ball

When Citron Ball is used, Citron curls up in a ball, increasing his jump height and speed. It is most likely used to chase after Imps, as their increased speed and agility make it harder to hit them. When in Citron Ball form, Citron loses the ability to shoot and use EMPeach and Peel Shield, but gain Hyper Ball and Ball Charge as new abilities which replace the former two.

Party Citron Ball

An alternate version of the Citron Ball for the Party Citron. Functions identically to the normal Citron Ball.

Peel Shield

If Peel Shield is activated, Citron gains a shield in front of where it is facing, absorbing a certain amount of damage. However, Citron is still vulnerable to shots to its side and back.

Mood Shield

An alternate ability instead of Peel Shield. Withstands more damage, yet has a shorter duration. Color changes based on how much health the shield has left.

Citron Ball abilities

Hyper Ball

Hyper Ball is the first ability available for Citron in Citron Ball form. When used, it further enhances Citron's already enhanced speed and jump height.

Assault Mode

Citron goes back into his normal form, allowing Citron to shoot again, and replacing Hyper Ball and Spin Dash with EMPeach and Peel Shield.

Spin Dash

Citron will slow down and roll in place for a few seconds, before charging forwards and hitting any zombies in his path, dealing damage to them.



Frozen Citron, although having somewhat low damage compared to the other Citron variants, his beam can freeze opponents ridiculously quickly, making him a very excellent support class. Try to stay with your allies as you attack, as your damage is not the best when fighting opponents, but allies will greatly appreciate the extra status on their opponents. As with other Citrons, even though you have a lot of health, avoid being the main target since you are slow to escape in Assault Mode and defenseless in Citron Ball.


Take out Frozen Citron if you see him, as his beam is capable of freezing you or your allies at an even faster rate than AC Perry, who is well known to freeze plants at an absurdly fast rate. Long range attacks on Frozen Citron are a good idea, as his beam becomes very inaccurate at longer ranges. A terrible idea is to fight it in a Z-Mech as any Imp, as he can stun-lock you with his EMPeach and his freeze status, making you a very vulnerable and easy target.

Balancing changes

Post Beta Patch

  • Heat Per Bullet increased from 0.12 to 0.13

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Made bone-collision changes to reduce size of Citron’s critical hit area
  • Citron can now fire sooner after coming out of Ball Form
  • Removed movement speed penalty from transition into and out of Citron Ball Form Mode
  • Increased long range damage from 5.5 – 6.5
  • Reduced heat generated when firing so it now takes longer to overheat
  • Reduced reticle bloom

July 2016 Patch

  • Decreased far damage from 6.5 to 5.5
  • Decreased damage falloff start/end distance from 25/35 to 20/30
  • Decreased freezing amount per shot from 0.125 to 0.11

June 2017 Patch

  • Decreased freeze rate by 20%

May 2018 tuning update

  • Decreased long-range damage from 5.5 to 3


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