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(Translation: Frisbee Shooter)
Frisbee ShooterAS
Frisbee Shooter shoots a frisbee every turn.
Type Brave
Upgrade (Frisbee Shooter+1) Weapon: branch slingshot
Armor: moss cape
Costume: common hat
500 coins
Upgrade (Frisbee Shooter+2) Weapon: branch slingshot
Armor: weed cape
Costume: common hat+1
1000 coins
Upgrade (Frisbee Shooter+3) Weapon: bamboo slingshot
Armor: weed cape
Costume: common hat+2
5000 coins
Upgrade (Plant Food) Shoots 3 frisbees and damages the first zombie in every lane.
Combination With Blover or its upgrade, Frisbee Shooter's attack +10%
With Small Radish and Choy Ben or their upgrades, Frisbee Shooter's defense +15% and crit +10%
Upgrade Bloomerang
Unlocked Finish all levels in American Suburbs in each difficulty.

  Frisbee Shooter (飞盘射手; pinyin: fēipán shèshǒu) is a Tier 1 plant in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It attacks zombies by throwing a frisbee that hits a zombie twice, which then returns to the plant. It is unlocked by getting 10 Frisbee Shooter Puzzle Pieces, which can be found in The Great Wall of China - Day 9 and Wild West - Day 24.


It evolves into Bloomerang, and further evolves into Meteor Hammer Master.



  • It is a reference to the famous Frisbee toys.
  • It resembles Bloomerang, its evolution, in color, appearance and function.

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