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Carrot Rocket Launcher
This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Fright Theater (剧院惊魂; pinyin: jùyuàn jīnghún) is a Brain Buster exclusive to Dark Ages in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player must obtain 3 Dark Ages keys to unlock this Brain Buster.

There are pathways that cannot be planted on, and the zombies will walk along the pathways, similar to those in Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum in Plants vs. Zombies Online. The player needs to stop the zombies from getting to the straw (or metal) house at the end of the lawn by using the given plants. Killing a zombie rewards the player with sun, depending on its toughness. He or she can upgrade a plant by tapping it, then tapping the "Upgrade" button, represented by a small icon of an arrow. However, upgrading a plant requires the player to spend a certain amount of sun. The amount of pig heads left (at the bottom left corner of the screen, showing on the straw house) are the amount of lives the player has. If a zombie manages to reach it, regardless of type, the amount decreases by one. If it hits zero, the house collapses, and he or she loses the level.


Night Plants
Tutorial Peashooter2Threepeater2C(250 sun)
Puff-shroom2Fume-shroom2(150 sun)
I Peashooter2Threepeater2C(200 sun)
Puff-shroom2Fume-shroom2(125 sun) → Laser Bean2(400 sun)
Pea-nut2CBonk Choy2(150 sun) → Snapdragon2(300 sun)
II Peashooter2Repeater2(200 sun) → Threepeater2C(250 sun)
Puff-shroom2Fume-shroom2(125 sun) → Laser Bean2(400 sun)
Split Pea2Bloomerang2(175 sun) → Starfruit2C(325 sun)
Snow Pea2CWinter Melon2(1400 sun)
III Puff-shroom2Fume-shroom2(125 sun) → Laser Bean2(400 sun)
Pea-nut2CBonk Choy2(150 sun) → Snapdragon2(300 sun)
Split Pea2Bloomerang2(175 sun) → Starfruit2C(325 sun)
Lightning Reed2CMelon-pult2(400 sun) → Citron2(1500 sun)




  • It is based on the fable The Three Little Pigs.
    • However, the developers once mentioned that it is based on Carrot Fantasy, a Chinese TD game.
  • The zombies walk sideways in the paths going up and down.
  • Fright Theater, All by Oneself, Air Raid, and Across the Lawn are the only Brain Busters where the firing rates of plants are increased.
  • The Jester Zombies and the Wizard Zombies found in this Brain Buster do not reflect projectile and transform plants into sheep respectively.
    • These changes could have been made to make the Brain Buster easier.
  • The pigs are wearing saucepans that are similar to the one Crazy Dave wears.
  • This Brain Buster is the only set of levels where the wolf zombies appear.
  • There is a glitch that if the player pauses the game, exits the game and re-enters it after a couple of minutes, when the game is unpaused, parts of the pathways will disappear and the player will receive an instant Game Over.
†: Strategy page
*: Unconfirmed name

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