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A tile with flowers in the middle of it

Flowers are a type of environment modifier that form a part of some levels in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player must not let the zombies trample the flowers at all costs. Before the 1.7 update, when a level is successfully completed without the flowers being trampled, the player would get a star. After the 1.7 update, they are obligatory challenges present in some levels in order to be able to advance. The levels with this objective present state the rule "Don't let the zombies trample the flowers". This, along with the star system, are still present in the Chinese version of the game.


Pirate Seas

Wild West

Frostbite Caves

Lost City

Neon Mixtape Tour

Jurassic Marsh

Modern Day

Piñata Party



  • If the player successfully completes a level with flowers, the blossoms will grow stems underneath them.
  • Flying zombies cannot trample the flowers.
  • Hypnotized zombies can trample flowers and cause the player to lose.
  • When trampled, the flowers turn yellow, wither, and die.
  • It seems to be a bit cross-eyed.
    • Despite that, when a zombie is close to a part of the flowers, all the flowers will look to the right.
  • Zombies blown over the flowers with Hurrikale, pulled over by plants such as Spikeweed, Spikerock and Fume-shroom will not count as trampling them. This is to prevent the player from instantly losing very easily.
  • If the flowers are located in the middle of a tile, the player can plant on the flowers without the flowers being hurt.
  • All-Star Zombies used to be able to jump over flowers if timed properly.

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