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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.
For other uses, see Fire Pea (disambiguation).
Flaming PeaA

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures
Flaming Pea
Flaming PeaA
Shoots fiery peas which burn so good.
Range Medium
Time to harvest Six hours
Coin cost 500 or 750
Recharge Fast
Unlocked Reclaiming The Flaming Lot

Flaming Pea was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures that costed 125 sun, and shot peas that are on fire. Its peas seemed to resemble the flaming peas that the Torchwood makes. Its projectiles dealt double the damage of a pea and could break Barrel Zombie's barrel and Ice Block Zombie's ice block in one hit. It was unlocked after reclaiming The Flaming Lot.

Facebook description

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She's always been hot, but Flaming Pea's ability to launch burning peas has never been hotter.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook page

Flaming Pea had a torrid love-thing with snow-pea a few months back. While her ardor may have cooled since then, her ability to launch burning peas has never been hotter.


Flaming Pea is a powerful plant, dealing double the damage a Peashooter does. It can be used alone, as it is very good independently. It is capable of killing Conehead Zombies, Barrel Zombies, and Ice Block Zombies on her own, but too many opponents can cause it to be KO'd. Unlike the fire peas in Plants vs. Zombies, it does not have area of effect, and it also does not take away the slowdown caused by Snow Peas, allowing for the two to be used at the same time. Certain strong zombies are trouble for lonely Flaming Peas and therefore any hard levels with Ice Block Zombies should not use Flaming Peas as the only offensive plants in their strategies. It also has problems with Gas Can Zombies in certain pathways if not given company by Snow Peas or long-range plants, as with certain pathways, Flaming Pea cannot kill a Gas Can Zombie before the aforementioned zombie approaches it and thus, the explosion will kill the Flaming Pea.



  • When the player first received it but had not clicked on the seed packet, it is named "Fire Pea".
    • It shared this trait with Magnet Plant, which was called Magnet-shroom on the top of the packet.
  • It was one of the few plants with a confirmed gender, being female.
  • When it shot, its eyes became shiny and yellow (as if fire was being released).
  • When it was knocked out, the fire on its head became unlit.
  • When it was ready to harvest, it hopped.
  • If a zombie was defeated by this plant, the zombie would turn into ashes.
  • It is the second female peashooting plant, the first is Ice Queen Pea, the third is Fire Peashooter, and the fourth is Green Shadow.
  • It was the only normal attacking plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures not to have a VIP counterpart.

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