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This is a strategy page for the Flag of Power in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. Feel free to add your own strategies. Make sure to put your name on your strategy.

General Strategies

A good way to tell where your enemies will come from is watching where the first Champion spawns, as they're usually surrounded. When a Champion comes, do not kill it close to it's base. Wait for it to get closer if you'd like to collect the coins, as if you kill them as soon as they leave, you'll get swarmed when you try to get the coins or diamonds they drop.

Having friends help are recommended to survive longer during the endless wave. Preferrably, have 2 Scientists/Sunflowers, a heavy hitting class like All-Star or Kernel Corn, and a supporting or all-around class like Engineer, Citron, Peashooter, or Foot Soldier. This combination will help to defeat the bosses for extended periods of time. Imps can be useful, but only in their Z-Mechs. Their low health means a Scientist should be there to heal it. 

Sunflower Attack!

BrandonPvZMaster's Strategy

This is one of the easiest waves, so the strategy isn't very complex. Super Brainz is good against Sunflowers and Weeds. Use your long range weaponry against the Sunflowers, and strafe around the base of the flag to make yourself harder to hit. If any Weeds or Sunflowers sneak into the flag area, give them a one-two punch and you'll be fine. if you find yourself being overwhelmed, break out your Turbo Twister as a last resort.

Peashooter Attack!

None added yet.

Cactus Attack!

Zambiealex's Strategy

Using Captain Deadbeard is great to use against those Cacti! Sniping those Cacti afar will stop them getting to the flag. If they get too close you can use your Scurvy Scattershot to vanquish them easily.

Chomper Attack!

None added yet.

Rose Attack!

None added yet.

Corn Attack!

None added yet.

Citron Attack!

None added yet.

Pirate Attack!

None added yet.

Science Attack!

None added yet.

Engineer Attack!

None added yet.

All-Star Attack!

None added yet.

Soldier Attack!

None added yet.

Super Attack!

None added yet.

Imp Attack!

None added yet.

Boss Attack!

Gardenwarfarefan's Strategy

It's best to use Peashooter, Kernal Corn, All-Star, Imp, Cactus, Captain Deadbeard and Foot Soldier. Their attacks are good for taking out bosses.

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