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Fish Thrower Imp
(translation: 鱼运动员小鬼)

Fish Thrower Imp2
Health Low
Speed Extremely Fast
Weakness Peashooting plants, Lobbed-shot plants
Special Stunning plants

Fish Thrower Imp is a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. Before it enters the lawn, Fish Thrower Imp will throw its fish which will immobilize the plant it lands on. This zombie runs fast and can eat plants extremely fast. However, it can only throw the fish in the lane it is in. It can stun plants with his fish from three tiles, though it takes him a short time to charge his shot.


Catapult plants are a great choice for dealing with this zombie, as they aim for the zombie rather than the thrown fish. Threepeaters are also a good choice, as this zombie can only throw its fish at plants in its lane.



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