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Tiki Torch-er is the sixth Endless Zone in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time that is unlocked after beating Day 20 of Big Wave Beach. The player starts with Sunflower, Peashooter, Wall-nut, and Lily Pad. As the player progresses through higher levels, he or she will be slowly tortured to the fact that they will be given with higher concentrations of constant zombie hordes.

Tiki Torch-er's name was derived from the Tiki Torch itself, a bamboo type that is common to the Tiki culture which is also a popular party decoration. Also, tiki is a large wooden carving in humanoid form, although this is a somewhat archaic usage in the Māori language.

StrategiesEdit Pay attention to the tide lines. Know when will the shores hit a certain column and when will ambushes will occur. Expect as well the speedy assaults of Surfer Zombies, flying octopi from Octo Zombies, and squads of Fishermen Zombies arriving in unison. Moreover, if the set-up is initially screwed up then expect a loss of your Lawn Mower. You can shovel up placed Lily Pads to slightly boost up your sun bank as you will need to do this in higher levels.

Try choosing the Infi-nut. It is a great counter in dealing with Fishermen Zombies. A boosted one is better but for lower levels, it is required to feed it with Plant Food instead to save gems. Next, get the Tangle Kelp as it will act as you aquatic variation of Potato Mine, then Chili Bean, and lastly the Potato Mine. Those four instant kill plants will help you out so you won't need to collecting them in the latter stages as it may hamper your progression. As always, the good way of using them is while you build up your sun production, you can start placing them on the sixth column to the right but also keep on placing Lily Pads for the Potato Mine and Chili Bean. Sun-shroom and Puff-shroom will also be of good use here as well as Fume-shroom and Magnet-shroom when the large waves of armored zombies arrived.

For levels 21 and beyond, you will need the powerful plants such as Winter Melon and Banana Launcher. Winter Melons can help you slow down Surfer Zombies while Banana Launchers can help you shorten the work of the other plants by severely damaging them. Citrons are ill-advised but is still recommended even though it can only kill one zombie at a time. Also, Bowling Bulbs are of high priority since they can take out zombies from all columns because they are good in taking care of zombie hordes.

On levels where Octo Zombies come in large numbers and bind up your plants from a safe distance, leave spaces for Cherry Bomb and Ghost Pepper (usually, leave the second and fourth columns empty) as both explode in a 3x3 column and because most of the times, you will end up all your plants bound by octopi. That way, you can easily use the bound plants again but be advised, as more of Octo Zombies can come in larger densities and if they do, expect thousands of flying octopi on your lawn.

For Fishermen Zombies, feeding an Infi-nut with a Plant Food is very useful but be conservative upon doing so unless you have a Power Lily to replace lost Plant Foods. With that, Infi-nut will render them hopeless to catch and drag plants on the ocean, allowing you to kill the other attacking zombies with ease.

If all else fails, use boosts and Power Ups as last resort.

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