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I know the game's old and people created all kind of strategies already, but I'm new and find this game funny. This's my take in Last Stand mini-games. I haven't search Youtube for this stage yet so I don't mean to duplicate or clone any already similar uploaded videos (if any).

  • . About this strategy:

Spends strongest firepower/weapon in only 4 focused lanes, leave the rest as low as possible (my case is nothing in unfocused lanes except Garlic). Because sun is fixed limitation and you have to bring out the strongest firepower you can in very beginning (5000 from beginning and you will only get 250/flags. There's 5 flags).

- So I go with Cattail and GatlingPea which is very suitable for this stage. Peas have got strong firepower/fast speed attach, Cats have got intelligent/speed attach (it always attach the lane that contains nearest zombies, plus kill almost zombies walk into lanes have no weapon support, 1 & 6).

- GatlingPea requires Torchwood for full power. Buy 2 first one for 2 ground lanes (other lanes we will take care later when finished some flags and save enough sun).

- Garlic will redirect almost 98% zombies to the focused lane, so the empty/unfocused lanes will be safe - plus save sunmoney for these lanes from beginning, Garlic is so cheap only 25/unit). Note: there's damage affects Garlic, so after 1-2 flags it may get destroyed, so it's reason why I put at least 2 Garlic in each unfocused lane. There's PoleVaultingZombie, so if you use only one Garlic, it's risky). Sometime in last level PVZombies still manage to pass over Garlic, but don't worry Cat will kill them, because they're slow and weak once they jump).

- Tallnut is very selfexplanation here. It protects the pool (because Cat is weak, it's intelligent/speedy but it firepower is quite weak for large amount of zombies appear in the same time). Place some more if next level/flag you have sun for it.

That's it. Thanks for watching :)

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