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New World (9th world):

Neon Mixtape Tour Stock up on hairspray and rewind to the 1980s! With synthesized music and voraciously radical zombies, this heinous dance party will, like, totally tax you to the MAX! 19 new items

16 Levels!
3 Plants!

Neon Mixtape Tour - Day {LEVEL_NUMBER}

New Quests:

Unlock Phat Beet! Phat Beet brings the rhythm and doles out damage all around! Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 1!

Unlock Celery Stalker! Sneaky, sneaky... Celery Stalker hides underground, then pops up to smack zombies from behind! Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 5!

Unlock Thyme Warp! Want to rewind zombies back to their starting position? Then let's do the Thyme Warp again! Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 9!

Win a World Key! Mangle the musical Gargantuar of Neon Mixtape Tour 16 to earn a righteous World Key!

[STARCHALLENGE_EIGHTIES_FINALE] Survive a massive attack during the Neon Mixtape Tour

[PREMIUM_PLANT_QUEST_TITLE] Try Before You Buy! [PREMIUM_PLANT_QUEST_DESC] Take a premium plant out for a spin and earn rewards while doing it!





New Achievements:

Beet It Complete a level using only Phat Beets to defeat zombies

Head Banger Use a magnet-shroom on a Punk Zombie

Volume to Sixteen Defeat the Heavy Metal Gargantuar

New Plants:

Phat Beet Thumps out damage every few seconds

Celery Stalker Pops up and bashes zombies from behind

Thyme Warp Sends zombies back where they started

Electric Blueberry (Not a free plant, will be available to buy at the end of September) Randomly electrocutes zombies

New Zombies:

Neon Zombie Regular music-loving neon mixtape zombie.

Neon Conehead Cones provide protection and focus the sound of righteous tunes.

Neon Buckethead Buckets absorb damage because that’s just what they do.

Neon Flag Zombie Marks the arrival of a huge mixtape-making "wave" of zombies.

Glitter Zombie Trails glamorous rainbows that protect zombies behind her when she's feeling the beat

Impunk Tossed past most of your defenses, then rocks out to your detriment.

MC Zom-B Spins microphone to damage nearby plants when he's dropping his sick, sick rhymes.

Punk Zombie Moshes plants back a space when his jam is playing. Weakness: Magnet Shrooms pull off his head

Hair Metal Gargantuar Dominating leviathan of power-rocking mayhem. Damage: crushes plants with guitar Damage: bashes sonic blast when metal music plays Special: launches Impunk when damaged

Pinata Parties:

Rewind to the ‘80s – call the fashion police! Catch a sneak peek of Neon Mixtape Tour, Side A, in today’s Piñata Party.

Big hair = more brains? Neon Mixtape Tour, Side A, is here!

Get into the groove. And, get a sneak peek of Neon Mixtape Tour, Side B – on now! (Featuring Electric Blueberry)

Grab your boom box. Neon Mixtape Tour, Side B, is here!

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