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Plants vs Zombies 2 10th world (Daytime world): Jurassic Marsh

16 Levels!
3 Plants!

The ground thunders under the awful feet of terrible lizards! Dinosaurs prowl the past, provoking prehistoric zombies into a frenzy of ancient antipathy!

  • New Plants:

- Primal Peashooter (Unlock on Day 1) Sun cost: 175 (can be changed later) Primal Peashooters shoot heavy stunning peas at zombies.

Special: primal peas occasionally knock zombies back

Primal Peashooter may be primitive, but that doesn't stop him from enrolling and excelling in several software development correspondence courses.

- Primal Wall-nut (Unlock on Day 4) Sun cost: 75 (can be changed later) Primal Wall-nuts cost a bit more than typical Wall-nuts, but they can be planted much more quickly.

"Grunt," explains Primal Wall-nut. "Grunt oog grunt-grunt," he goes on to say. "Ook-urg grunty grunt grunt," he concludes. A nut of many opinions, is Primal Wall-nut.

  • Perfume-shroom (Unlock on Day 8) - no info of sun cost yet

Perfume-shrooms enchant dinosaurs and charm them into working against the zombies. Usage: affects all dinosaurs in a lane

Perfume-shrooms emit a pure, concentrated mist of aerosolized love.

  • New Zombies:


Special thing of 10th world (This is the conversation between Penny and Dave on Day 2): Penny: This epoch is known for its unusual lifeforms, User Dave. Dave: I know! Gymnosperms, right? Penny: I was thinking more in terms of saurians, User Dave. Dinosaurs. Penny: They won't attack us directly and we can't affect them. Penny: However, they will definitely react to zombies. Be wary!

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