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This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.

Feel the Beet was an achievement unlockable on Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It required the player to win a level using only Sunflowers and Beets.


"Feel the Beet" is a portmanteau of the expression "feel the beat" and "beet," referring to the Beet.


While the Beet is a useful plant, not being allowed to use Wall-nuts really lowers the possibilities. Since the player can only plant five Beets in a single level, this achievement is pretty much impossible in more harder levels without spending gems. Since the Beet is only unlocked after The Car Lot is reclaimed, it is best to play an earlier level to win. It should be noted that some levels have paths in the middle of others that cannot be hit by a Beet no matter what, so it is impossible to achieve Feel The Beet there. Level 1 of The Boonies is the best level to earn this achievement, as only regular zombies appear. 


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