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Explosive Escape is the third ability for the Z-Mech in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, the Imp inside the Z-Mech will eject from Z-Mech. Meanwhile, the Z-Mech will explode and deal 150 damage to any nearby plants. This is a single-use ability as it destroys the Z-Mech. It is an ability shared by all Z-Mech variants. Unlike most other abilities, the Explosive Escape must be activated twice to take effect.

Explosive escape

Explosive Escape cutscene

Stickerbook description

Don't go down in flames. Imp can launch his way to safety as the Z-Mech's core explodes, taking out any plants caught in the radius.

Update History

November 2016 Patch

  • Decreased delay to eject from Mech from 1 second to 0.2 seconds.



  • After pressing the button for the first time, the button will eventually close again if the 2/Y/Triangle button is not pressed for a short while.
  • The player will always be thrown backward of where the player was facing when they were ejected.
  • The Party Imp's mech's Explosive Escape is actually replaced by the "Explosive Party". This is similar to the Party Citron Ball.

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