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Explody Gnome is a type of Gnome and an enemy in Infinity Time and the Trials of Gnomus in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Explody Gnomes carry a bomb as they walk, and will explode on contact with the Player, making them the Gnome equivalent of the Exploding Imp and the Dandelion Weed.

Explody Gnomes attack by rushing up to the player. When they get to their target, their bomb will glow briefly before exploding, doing a lot of damage. Although they can be dangerous in numbers, they have less health than the average Gnome, making them easier to vanquish.


  • Even when it explodes, it still releases a time shard in Infinity Time.
  • It's possible to nullify the effect of an Explody Gnome by doing a well-timed Charge or Ground pound.

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