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Gold Bloom Quests Menu

The Rescue the Gold Bloom Epic Quest on the Travel Log

The Epic Quests are new features released on the 4.6.1 update of Plants vs. Zombies 2. They are accessible via the Travel Log. An epic quest is a multi-level quest that offers a unique reward when completed, which can vary from coins, gems to the new plants, such as Gold Bloom, Electric Currant, and Aloe.

Although there are some exceptions, these levels are modified versions of existing ones, and cannot be replayed once completed unless the player plays on another account.

At the moment it is unknown what triggers the first Epic Quest, but after one point a message saying New Epic Quest Available near the Travel Log access icon will appear (shortly), unlocking them. Currently, there are twelve Epic Quests, with more being introduced in future updates.

List of Epic Quests

Rescue the Gold Bloom

Main article: Rescue the Gold Bloom

This Epic Quest showcases the Gold Bloom, and offers it as a reward for its completion. Contrary to the other epic quests, these ones are not restricted to be slightly altered Brain Busters, as portals and zombies from other worlds can appear.

Beghouled Blitz

Main article: Beghouled Blitz

Beghouled Blitz consists of 5 levels of Beghouled, each from a different world, with different plants. Zombies from that respective world show up as the zombies.

Aloe, Salut!

Main article: Aloe, Salut!

This Epic Quest has 8 steps, with all of them showcasing Aloe, and as usual, this plant is obtained at the end of this quest. This quest is also the only way to see a nighttime Lost City.

Electrical Boogaloo

Main article: Electrical Boogaloo

This Epic Quest is unlocked after the completion of the Beghouled Epic Quest. This Epic Quest has 10 steps, with many of them featuring the Electric Currant, which is also the reward after completing all ten steps of this Epic Quest.

Gem Jam

Main article: Gem Jam

The last Epic Quest to appear on the game. Each step is an world exclusive Brain Buster except on the worlds where there isn't any. After completing all 10 steps, the player is rewarded with 50 gems. There are also different versions of Gem Jams, namely Gem Jam 2 (Same as first but rewards 60 gems), Gem Jam 3 (Contains Day 1 of all worlds except Pirate Seas), and Gem Jam 4 (Contains every Gargantuar level).

His & Hers Expert Quests

Those two Epic Quests are only available from February 8, 2017 to February 15, 2017. They are no longer available.

His & Hers Expert Quest - HERS!

This Epic Quest features Ancient Egypt Days 26-35 as the equivalent of its 10 steps. The reward is 100 Blooming Heart seed packets.

His & Hers Expert Quest - HIS!

This Epic Quest features Modern Day Days 35-44 as the equivalent of its 10 steps. The reward is 100 Hot Date seed packets.

Premium Seeds - Caulipower!

This Epic Quest features Far Future Days 26 - 35 as the equivalent of its 10 steps. The reward is 100 Caulipower seed packets. This Epic Quest only lasts from March 14, 2017 until March 23, 2017. It is no longer available.

Premium Seeds - Applemortar!

This Epic Quest features 10 levels of Premium Plant Quests. This is the first epic quest to do so. The reward is 100 Apple Mortar seed packets. This Epic Quest only lasts from March 21, 2017, until March 28, 2017. It is currently available.


  • When doing the Beghouled Blitz Epic Quest, defeated zombies that have repeatable quest for that moment will not count towards their respective quest.
  • The 5.1.1 update is so far the only version that features only one Epic Quest.

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