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For the similar zombie in Plants vs. Zombies, see Digger Zombie.

Engineer Zombie

Health: 125
Variants: Welder
Primary Weapon: Concrete Launcher
Abilities: Sonic Grenade
Zombot Drone
Proximity Sonic Mine
Rocket Drone
Turbo Jackhammer

The Engineer Zombie is a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. It is one of the four playable zombies on the Zombies faction, and serves as the Zombies' equivalent to the Cactus. The Engineer has strong weapons like the Zombot Drone, and useful abilities like a Sonic Grenade which stuns plants and forces Chompers to go above the ground or riding on a Jackhammer. It can also build teleporters and Zombot Turrets. The Engineer Zombie's plant rival is Cactus.


Equipped with the latest Zomboss do-it-yourself gear, the Engineer is ready and able to master the art of building stuff - what it does after he builds it is lost on him.

Engineer Variants Guide03:40

Engineer Variants Guide


ALL ENGINEER VARIANTS (In-Game) 13 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare08:35

ALL ENGINEER VARIANTS (In-Game) 13 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

All Engineer Zombie variants in game

Primary Weapon

Concrete Launcher is the primary weapon of Engineer Zombie.


Sonic Grenade

A grenade that in a short radius, dazes enemies for a short time, and raises burrowing Chompers from the ground.

Zombot Drone

A drone equipped with the Zombot Laser and the deadly Cone Strike.


A Jackhammer for quicker movement and higher jumping.

Proximity Sonic Mine

A landmine which can stun plants for about 5 seconds when stepped on and makes Chompers come out of their burrow. This can be very useful for defending a teleporter or trying to run from Plants.

Rocket Drone

The Rocket Drone is a more powerful version of Zombot Drone having more health and lasting longer. Unlike Zombot Drone, his Mean Beam which is a laser like attack is more powerful than Zombot Laser. However he can only send zombie strikes one at a time which having to make him weak in killing campers. 

Turbo Jackhammer

A Jackhammer that is really fast, but will last a little time.


Engineer Zombie's abilities.

Weapon Upgrades

Homemade Reload Kabob

The Homemade Reload Kabob is a great way to improve reload time.

Extended Ammo Doodad

Don't start any project without a doodad! It's fuzzy, warm to the torch, and increases ammo capacity.

More Explosive Explosives

These explosives will actually explode and help cause extra damage to those meddling Plants.


As Engineer Zombie

The Engineer Zombie functions similar to the Peashooter. Equipped with the Jackhammer for quick movement, critical impact damage with the Concrete Launcher and the Sonic Bombs to stun enemies. The main target of the Engineer Zombie is the Chomper due to having a way to counter their Burrow Ability (Sonic Grenade) and immune to instant death when on the Jackhammer.It has got the Zombot Drone and Rocket Drone which can be devastating due to its Cone Strike, which can kill many plants at a time. It is worth a mention about its suppressive abilities. Because of the Concrete Launcher's splash damage, it can be used to faze out enemies and push them back because they want to move out of the way of damage. Furthermore, by building teleporters, it can create very useful shortcuts for its teammates. It can also create Zombot Turrets to protect the teleporters that can be upgraded up to Mark III. On the whole, it is much more suited to riding from teleporter to teleporter to support the team and/or rushing in to get quick kills.

Against Engineer Zombie

The Cactus is probably the best choice to counter the Engineer Zombie due to its short range on the Concrete Launcher. It has enough power to kill him in a few hits, a Drone to counter his and finally has Nuts to be careful. Also the Sunflower can be useful because it can heal off any damage then hit it hard at range with the Sunbeam.


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