For the version in Plants vs. Zombies 2, see Electric Peashooter.

Electro Pea is the Super Rare electric variant of the Peashooter in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He deals electric damage to his opponents, which means that when his projectile hits a zombie, the damage will arc and harm other nearby zombies as well. Like Petrified Cactus and Captain Cannon, he can detonate his peas in mid-air for even more damage. He also moves faster than most Peashooters.


Stickerbook description

As the most electrifying Plant in PvZ entertainment, you can always count on Electro Pea to make a bad pun about how charged-up he is.

In-game description

Push the fire button while shots are airborne to trigger an extra large electric explosion!

AI Health

Easy: 75

Normal: 100

Hard: 125


Primary weapon

The Electro Pea's primary weapon is the Electro Cannon. It deals 20-30 impact and critical damage depending on the distance. It will also deal 10-25 splash damage. In addition to this, it will deal 16 electric arc damage. The Electro Cannon can also manually detonate itself dealing 27 damage and the aforementioned electric arc damage.

  • The ammo clip is 8 (9 if upgraded).
  • The chain lightning damage is 5-10.
  • The splash damage is 10.
  • The detonated damage at all ranges is 27.
  • The middle range impact damage is between 23 and 25.
  • The close range impact & critical damage is 30.
  • The mid range impact & critical damage is 25.
  • The long range impact & critical damage is 20.


Chili Bean Bomb

Launches a Chili Bean Bomb, which explodes after a short amount of time and deals 175 damage. It attracts all nearby Spawnable Zombies, making it a way to vanquish lots of zombies quickly.

Pea Gatling

With Pea Gatling, the Peashooter roots into the ground, has 100 ammo to fire continuously against the zombies.


Hyper enables the Peashooter to accelerate and jump higher. This can help with both defense and offense.

Sombrero Bean Bomb

An alternate ability of Chili Bean Bomb, Sombrero Bean Bomb launches a Chili Bean Bomb wearing a sombrero that has a longer fuse than the normal Chili Bean Bomb, but in return, gives off 250 damage and a bigger explosion radius.

Retro Gatling

An alternate ability of Pea Gatling. With the Retro Gatling, the Peashooter roots itself into a special form of Pea Gatling. It has only 50 ammo and shoots slower but each ammo is stronger.

Super Pea Jump

Super Pea Jump allows the Peashooter to jump higher but does not get a speed boost.


It has a somewhat high learning curve compared to the others, but this leads to a greater damage potential. Due to the detonation mechanic, players who regularly spam peas from long range will find it difficult to use this Peashooter in that way; two shots cannot be on screen at the same time. However, patient players may find this long-ranged tactic very effective for dealing widespread electric damage if they can master the timing of detonating, especially in objective modes such as Turf Takeover or Suburbination.

More impatient players may use a more close-ranged tactic. Stay slightly outside Chomper or Scientist range, and spam your shoot button. This allows the shots to travel a small way forward and detonate. The detonation, if used in a crowded area, may hit many zombies at once, including the electric arc. Using Hyper while jumping around enemies will also work, although you risk not being able to detonate before the shot hits the ground. However, keep an eye on both your health and your ammo; should either of these become low or run out at a bad time, you could risk being vanquished.

For the close-ranged strategy above, the most suitable upgrades would be any of the following:

  • Speed, to capitalize on its already increased speed.
  • Health, to improve its survivability in close-combat situations.
  • Reload and/or Ammo, to be able to put out shots faster and ensure you are rarely caught unprepared.

As always, the combination of upgrades depends on how you play. If these upgrades don't work for you, try different combinations.

Balancing changes

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Increased projectile movement speed.
  • Increased manual detonation explosion damage

November 2016 Patch

  • Increased damage on detonation from 25 to 30
  • Increased regular splash damage from 15 to 18
  • Increased regular splash radius from 2 to 2.5

April 2017 Patch

  • Decreased detonation damage from 30 to 27
  • Decreased detonation radius from 4 to 3.5
  • Decreased regular splash damage from 18 to 16



  • Electro Pea could be the reason why the Plasma Pea was redesigned, to prevent the two Peashooters from looking too similar.
  • In Infinity Time, there is a larger version of Electro Pea known as Mass Pea, first introduced when the imposter Gnomus the Green reaches 50% health. Its primary weapon is a 3/4 shot burst opposed to Electro Pea's manually detonatable shots. It can also root into the ground and use a stronger version of Pea Gatling, as well as summon 2 to 3 Electro Peas to aid itself.
  • Electro Pea also has a different reticle than other Peashooters. The same goes for Law Pea and Agent Pea.
    • The reticle is similar to the Scientist, except the edges are more jagged and it tilts 90 degrees to the right when a shot is fired. It will tilt 90 degrees to the left again if the shot hits something or it is detonated in mid-air.
    • The reticle and its behavior is shared by Captain Cannon's Extend-O-Cannon and Petrified Cactus.
  • There is a bug in which sometimes when the player is vanquished by the Electro Pea, the weapon they were vanquished by is shown to be "Electric Needle," the primary weapon of the Power Cactus, instead of "Electro Cannon," the actual name of Electro Pea's primary weapon.
    • This same bug also occurs with Centurion, except it says Flame Pulse, the primary weapon of the Fire Flower, instead of Flame Bolt.
  • He is one of three manual detonation characters in the game, the others being Petrified Cactus and Captain Cannon.
  • He resembles, and could be the inspiration for Electric Peashooter in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
    • Electric Peashooter also reuses sounds from when the Electro Pea fires.
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