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For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Electric Blueberry.
Electric Blueberry2

Electric Blueberry
Electric Blueberry2
Electric Blueberry randomly electrocutes zombies every so often.
Almanac statistics
Sun cost 150
Recharge Very Slow
Damage Massive
Toughness Normal
In-game statistics
Direct damage 250 normal damage shots
Health 6
Special Instantly kills every zombie it electrocutes
Unlocked NA: $4.99 · BRL: R$14,05
EU: €6.24 · TR: ₺18.99
PL: 28,95zł · SG: $9.90
UK: £4.55 · AU: $10.99
ID: Rp99,000
ElectricBlueberryCostume ElectricBlueberryCostume2
Electric Blueberry prides herself for being eclectic as well as electric. "I like to keep'em guessing," she says. "A zombie should always be like, 'Whoa, didn't see that coming,' when they're disintegrated."

Plants vs. Zombies 2- It's About Time (Chinese version)
Electric Blueberry
Electric Blueberry2C
Electric Blueberry randomly electrocutes zombies every so often.
Almanac statistics
Sun cost 150
Recharge Fast
Damage Massive
Toughness Normal
Range 7x1
Special Can attack any zombie on the lawn, dealing 50 normal damage shots
Rarity (China) Super-Rare
In-game statistics
Direct damage 50 normal damage shots
Health 6
Unlocked Collecting 10 Electric Blueberry Puzzle Pieces
Daily log-in rewards
Electric Blueberry prides herself for being eclectic as well as electric. "I like to keep'em guessing," she says. "A zombie should always be like, 'Whoa, didn't see that coming,' when they're disintegrated."

Electric Blueberry is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 thematically tied to Side B of Neon Mixtape Tour. It was first showcased in Piñata Parties advertising the aforementioned world update. It was released in the international version on September 15, 2015 and also was released in late August 2015 in the Chinese version alongside Sky City as a monthly special plant.

Approximately every 12 seconds, Electric Blueberry creates a thundercloud that has 55% chance to target a normal zombie, 40% for a unique zombie or 5% for a Gargantuar on the lawn and electrocutes it with a blast of lightning, instantly killing it (except Pharaoh Zombies with their sarcophaguses or Jurassic Gargantuars) in one lightning strike or doing 50 damage, if in the Chinese version. If there are no targets available, the cloud will just disappear. The chance of it to target stronger zombies increases through level upgrades.


Electric Blueberry is based on the blueberry, a plant from the Cyanococcus section of Vaccinium. Its name is possibly a pun for the musical genre "electric blues," a type of blues music that uses electrical amplification, given that the plant is attached with Neon Mixtape Tour and therefore its 1980s theme. It could also be a pun on the color of the same name.

Almanac entry

Electric Blueberry


SPECIAL: Target Zombie

RANGE: Full Board

Electric Blueberry randomly electrocutes zombies every so often.

Electric Blueberry prides herself for being eclectic as well as electric. "I like to keep'em guessing," she says. "A zombie should always be like, 'Whoa, didn't see that coming,' when they're disintegrated."


Plant Food effect

When fed Plant Food, Electric Blueberry will quickly produce a thundercloud with no visual distinction from normal ones. However, this cloud can target up to three zombies before fading; if there are no zombies on the lawn, the cloud will fade away in an identical manner to regular ones.

Level upgrade

Level Seed packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
(Very Slow)
(Target Zombie)
Basic zombie Unique zombie Gargantuar
1 0 0 150 45 seconds 15 seconds 3 bites 55% 40% 5% Full Board
2 20 2,000 150 44 seconds 15 seconds 3.5 bites 50% 45% 5%
3 100 10,000 150 43 seconds 14 seconds 4 bites 50% 45% 5%
4 200 20,000 150 42 seconds 14 seconds 4.5 bites 45% 45% 10%
5 300 35,000 125 40 seconds 13 seconds 5.5 bites 45% 45% 10%
6 400 50,000 125 39 seconds 13 seconds 6 bites 40% 50% 10%
7 500 100,000 125 38 seconds 12 seconds 6.5 bites 40% 50% 10%
8 600 150,000 125 37 seconds 12 seconds 7 bites 35% 50% 15%
9 700 250,000 125 36 seconds 11 seconds 8 bites 35% 50% 15%
10 800 400,000 100 35 seconds 10 seconds 9 bites 30% 50% 20%

Costumed (China only)

The thundercloud now shrinks zombies and lowers their attack capability for a while.

Level upgrade (China only)

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New Electric Blueberry Upgrade 1
Range Enhancement
Electric Blueberry can attack any zombie in the lane.
Combat Training
Electric Blueberry gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New Electric Blueberry Upgrade 2
Strengthen Tracking
Electric Blueberry can attack any zombie on the lawn.
Cell Activation
Electric Blueberry gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New AbilityAwakendIcon
Ability Awaken
Electric Blueberry may be boosted when planted.
Fighting Power
Electric Blueberry gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).


Plants vs. Zombies 2

Electric Blueberry is undoubtedly a very powerful plant, being one of the few plants capable of instantly killing a full-health Gargantuar. However, the length of time it takes to make a cloud, alongside the very slow recharge speed and the randomization of the targeted zombies, make it hard to plant enough Electric Blueberries to be used on its own for harder levels, although Imitater can be used to partially remedy the recharge problem. Therefore, Electric Blueberry should be used as a secondary attack plant to deal with high health targets. Do not use this as primary offense.

Electric Blueberry pairs particularly well with:

Electric Blueberry is a powerful choice in Last Stand levels, since its recharge speed is no longer a concern and the plant itself is relatively cheap, allowing several to be planted at a time. It works best in levels like Far Future - Day 22 where zombies are not in such large numbers and have a large amount of health instead, but it is difficult to use on its own in levels like Wild West - Day 18 where extremely large numbers of weak zombies spawn during the level.

Take note that two strikes from Electric Blueberry is needed in order for an Electric Blueberry to take down a Pharaoh Zombie with its sarcophagus or a full health Jurassic Gargantuar. The sarcophagus protects Pharaoh Zombie from being killed in one hit and Jurassic Gargantuar has more health than the damage the plant deals, though Jurassic Gargantuar will launch Jurassic Imp. Take note that Citron's Big Plasma's damage is somewhat considered more powerful than the thunder cloud, since it can instantly destroy a Jurassic Gargantuar as it deals 300 damage to that zombie, and instead of damage, the ball just blow the Pharaoh Zombie out of the lawn instead of damaging him.

Electric Blueberry can also be a counter to Surfer Zombie, as it will instantly kill him along with his surfboard regardless if he is on shore or in the water. Despite this, Electric Blueberry isn't very reliable as it will usually target basic zombies. Because of this, it is recommended to plant large groups of these so there is a greater chance of electrocuting the Surfer Zombies.

Avoid using Electric Blueberry in fast-paced levels with a lot of zombies, like the ones listed below. This is because Electric Blueberry can only target one zombie at a time and sleeps for 12 seconds, so use other offensive plants.

These levels are considered very fast-paced:

Chinese version

In the Chinese version, it is strongly recommended to level up Electric Blueberry to level 3 or above before using it, because a level 1 or 2 Electric Blueberry still cannot kill level 3 or 4, or even level 1 or 2 zombies effectively.


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Electric Blueberry2
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Electric Blueberry2


  • Its recharge is not truly "Very Slow" but slightly faster (45 seconds compared to Power Lily and Thyme Warp's 60 seconds).
    • However, in the Chinese version, it has a fast recharge. This might be because it never instantly kills a zombie and instead deals heavy damage.
  • When it attempts to kill a Jurassic Gargantuar, two strikes will be needed to kill him.
    • This is because, as said previously, Jurassic Gargantuars have more health than the damage the plant deals.
  • When using Plant Food, its thundercloud will disappear when there are no zombies on the lawn, even though Lightning Reed's cloud does not.
  • It, Magnet-shroom, Gold Magnet, Lightning Reed, E.M.Peach, and Electric Currant are the only plants that use some form of electricity.
  • Before the 4.0 update, when it electrocuted a flying Bug Zombie, only the bug would die.
    • This also happened in the 4.7.1 update.
  • It and A.K.E.E.'s seeds when bouncing cannot kill Imp Cannons as neither of them can hit zombies that have not fully entered the lawn, and Imp Cannon is considered by the game to be such.
  • A glitch can occur if its cloud targets a zombie protected by Glitter Zombie's rainbow. As the rainbow grants invulnerability, the cloud will continue to produce lightning until Glitter Zombie is killed.
  • Its cloud can sometimes target a zombie that has lost its head, but whose health points are not fully drained.
  • Unusually, it was added in the Chinese version before even being revealed in the international version. The process is usually reversed where PopCap Shanghai produces world updates after the international version, and this is the only plant to have the opposite occur.
    • A similar situation happened with Dandelion, despite it was not hidden in the international version before being released, instead being released later on. Also, the two Dandelions have several differences in function, alongside a different appearance and sun cost.
    • It is the only plant that deals different damage in two versions of Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • It does not target lawn obstacles.
  • In the Chinese version, the player cannot choose it in the fight with Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC, but it can be chosen in other boss levels.
  • It is the third plant in the Plants vs. Zombies series to be able to defeat a Gargantuar (except Jurassic Gargantuar) at full health with a single attack without support, the first being Giant Wall-nut, and the second being a Citron with Plant Food.
    • However, it would be the only plant that can be used on any level regardless of it not being a Brain Buster (except Special Delivery levels without the plant and Locked and Loaded levels without the same plant) that can also kill a Gargantuar in one shot without the aid of Plant Food (again, discounting Jurassic Gargantuar).
  • It, Chard Guard, Chomper, and Blooming Heart all make sounds in the Almanac. In Electric Blueberry's case, an electrical, crackling sound can be heard.
  • It does not react to Boombox Zombie's music, as it still creates storm clouds.
    • However, it will not release the storm cloud until the music stops.
  • Tapping on its seed packet during a level will cause it to play one of its idle sound effects. In this case, an electric, crackling sound is heard.
  • When watered in the Zen Garden, its animation consists of moving the head violently, due to the reaction between electricity and water.

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