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Electric AnemoneO
Carrot Rocket Launcher
This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
If you are looking for the Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West variant, see Electric Anemone.
Plants vs. Zombies Online
(translation: Electric Anemone)
Electric AnemoneO
Electric Anemone shoot balls of electricity at zombies.
Almanac statistics
Sun cost 200
Recharge Fast
Damage Moderate
In-game statistics
Direct damage 1.5 normal damage shots , 3.25 normal damage shots if used on Bubble Flower's bubble
Unlocked Beating East Sea Dragon Palace - Level 4-1
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Electric Anemone (电海松; pinyin: diàn hǎi sōng) is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It shoots balls of electricity at zombies. If the zombie is in an air bubble, it makes the bubble an electric bubble and does much more damage. It can be planted under water without oxygen supplies.

Plant Food effect

When fed Plant Food, it shoots a powerful electric ball which travels through all zombies on the lawn. The ball deals a huge amount of damage on contact and disappears when the whole amount of damage is released completely.


This plant's main use is to be placed along with a Bubble Flower for maximum damage potential. It is advisable to use both a lot on the world, as both of them work underwater without Oxygen Supplies. Remember to put just two Electric Anemones and one Bubble Flower to ensure maximum power.



  • Its appearance is based on a blue coral, which is actually an animal and not a plant.
    • Similarly, in real life, underwater-based anemone are not plants, but rather animals.
  • Its charging animation is similar to that of Freeze Mushroom.
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