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Egyptian Market - Day 10

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Plants vs. Zombies Online

Egyptian Market - Day 10

Location Egyptian Market
Type Adventure
Difficulty Medium
Fighting Power 11,760
Combat Energy Maximum Replays
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Buckethead Mummy2x2 Pharaoh Zombie2 (Boss) x1
First time {{{FR}}}
Experience Pvz2goldcoin Coins Drops
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Egyptian Market - Day 10 is the tenth, the final and the second boss level of Egyptian Market in the Adventure Mode of Plants vs. Zombies Online.


  • The zombies in this level are all unbelievably tough. Upgrading the plants are required to finish the level.


  • Upgrade your plants' level by playing previous levels. Then upgrade them more with Puzzle Pieces and the Oven in your house. Hunt more Puzzle Pieces from previous levels.
  • Strongest attack plants should be dragged onto the lawn. Ice plants as Snow Pea can be used to freeze enemies. Defensive plants should be placed in front of the attack plants, especially the middle one, to prevent the boss and the zombies from killing your main attack. Healing plants should also be used to recover huge damages. Don't forget to use other players' plants.



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