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Dummy Shield in game

Dummy Shield

Dummy Shield is an ability of the All-Star that creates a Dummy Shield. The dummy blocks plants' attacks and protects zombies from their fire, similar to the Tallnut Battlement. It can be destroyed by both plants and zombies. It takes 30 seconds to recharge one Dummy Shield.

Stickerbook description


Description about the Dummy Shield

Some people read stories to their tackle dummies, others even date them. The All-Star uses it to shield himself from attacks.


A Dummy Shield has 200 health.

Balancing changes

November 2016 Patch

  • Health was increased from 150 to 200.
  • Max number spawned per player was decreased from 4 to 3.



Dummy Shields do not exactly work like the Tallnut Battlement, as it sacrifices health for size, compensating for the size of zombies. This can be used to provide cover for fellow zombies during an attack, and you can also hide behind it if needed. In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, keep in mind the Imps in and out their mechs, may still be vulnerable behind Dummy Shields, as they are not as protective at the bottom, and Mechs tend to be larger than the Dummy Shields.

Similar to how Spawnable Zombies attack Tallnut Battlements, Weeds will mindlessly attack Dummy Shields, making them a good distraction if the player is getting swarmed by Weeds.



  • It has duct tape on its hips, which is likely to keep it together or to fix holes.
  • For some reason, Tallnut Battlement has more health but both can be set out twice before recharging and four can be set out at a time. Dummy Shields in real life are very durable.
  • In the Backyard Battleground in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, there is a Dummy Shield that is "recruiting soldiers". If a Foot Soldier talks to it, it will explode into some coins for the player to collect.
  • If an All-Star starts a match on the soccer field, they can jump onto the shield and make a tower. This can continue until the Soccer field's effects wear off.

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