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Not to be confused with Mr. Toxic.

Dr. Toxic is the Rare toxic variant of Scientist in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Any plant that stands near Dr. Toxic will suffer from poison damage over time.


Stickerbook description

They call him Dr. Toxic because he's so toxic. His portable Reactor Pack and Radiation Blaster gives him a green aura that's hard to miss.

In-game description

Dr. Toxic inflicts Plants with toxic damage just by walking near them!

AI Health

Easy: 60

Normal: 80

Hard: 100


Primary weapon

His primary weapon is the Radiation Blaster. It poisons plants, dealing three damage to them every second for around five seconds unless they are hit by another toxic attack, in which case the duration is reset.

It deals around 10 to 11 damage at long range, around 16 to 19 damage at mid-range and 26 to 47 damage in close quarters.


Sticky Explody Ball

Sticky Explody Ball is an explosive ball which explodes when an enemy plant is in a meter radius. It deals 50 damage.


With Warp, the player teleports to a location within their preferential vision. The player deviates upward to go up stairs, small fences, etc.

Zombie Heal Station

The Zombie Heal Station heals all zombies within its radius.

Mega Heal Bomb

An alternate ability of Sticky Explody Ball, Mega Heal Bomb is a huge ball like the Sticky Explody Ball with a bigger radius. Heals all zombies in its radius by 50 health.

Energy Warp

An alternate ability of Warp, Energy Warp allows the Scientist to transform into pure energy (he is invincible in this state. The Scientist is able to travel freely but cannot jump or attack. It also gains a small speed boost.

Armored Heal Station

An alternate ability of Zombie Heal Station, Armored Heal Station heals at a slower rate than the Zombie Health Station, and self-destructs the same time as the Zombie Heal Station. Its incredible size allows players to jump on it to get to most buildings.

Sticky Cheetah Ball - GW1 Only

An alternate ability of Sticky Explody Ball, Sticky Cheetah Ball is orange in color with black spots, deals 75 damage.

Cheesy Warp - GW1 Only

An alternate ability of Warp, Cheesy Warp has the same use as Warp but deals 30 damage to all plants after reaching its destination.

Cheetah Heal Station - GW1 Only

An alternate ability of Zombie Heal Station, Cheetah Heal Station heals at a faster rate, but also self-destructs faster.

Heal Beam of Science - GW2 Only

The Heal Beam of Science is the Scientist's first activatable ability. Similar to Heal Beam, it will heal any zombie targeted by it, healing faster the closer the Scientist is to the healed target.


Description about Dr. Toxic's weapon upgrades

Weapon upgrades

Toxic Reloader

Yes! The Toxic Reloader is toxic. It reloads faster too.

Enriched Urbrainium Storage

Urbrainium Storage increases ammo capacity through enlarging the thing that holds the ammo.

More Toxic Toxins

By exposing the toxins to toxic materials, the damage output has been increased.

Version History

Garden Warfare

Legends of the Lawn DLC

  • Projectile damage increased



  • Dr. Toxic actually resembles radioactivity more than toxicity. This is because the symbol on his blaster is the universal warning sign for radioactivity; this is a very common mistake in media. The game also mentions his weapon of choice is Urbrainium which is a parody of Uranium, a radioactive metal.
    • In terms of toxicity, the only thing toxic about this variant could be radiation poisoning, which is harmful to living organisms.
  • He is one of three Scientist variants that wear two shoes, the other being the Paleontologist and the Zoologist.
  • In Garden Warfare 2, the glass in his gas mask is less reflective, making it easier to see his face.
  • His Radiation Blaster's appearance, the way it fires and its projectiles strongly resembles the Gamma Gun from Fallout 4.