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Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie2
Carrot Rocket Launcher
This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Plants vs. Zombies 2- It's About Time (Chinese version)

(translation: Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie)

Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie2
Can only fall after both cabins are destroyed.
Almanac statistics
Toughness Hardened
Speed Speedy
In-game statistics
First seen Sky City - Day 6


Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie dreams about "world tour" and "conquer the world" adventure. However, but the brothers never reached a consensus on this issue. "I can't communicate with a no-brained guy!" They are always grumpily complaining to each other.

Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie (双舱飞机僵尸; pinyin: shuāng cāng fēijī jiāngshī) is the seventh zombie encountered in Sky City. He is a fast, high health plane zombie. When he reaches the edge of the ship, he will ram on it, taking himself down but doing huge damage to the ship. He takes two rows and he slices any aerial plants that he comes across with his propeller, much like a Zombie Fighter. If there are no aerial plants in his lane, he will start shooting.

Almanac entry

SPEED: Speedy

Can only fall after both cabins are destroyed.

Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie dreams about "world tour" and "conquer the world" adventure. However, but the brothers never reach a consensus on this issue. "I can't communicate with a guy no brain!" They always grumpy complaining to each other.

In Chinese: 两个机舱全部被击毁后才会坠落。



This is an extremely dangerous zombie. He will occupy 2x2 squares and can only be destroyed by attacks from two lanes. When only 1 lane of plants is attacking this zombie, it will not affect him at all. He will also use his propeller to slice aerial plants and as a result, just like the Clamshell Zombie, he cannot be delayed by placing plants save for Saucers. Once he goes near the player's castle, he will ram towards it and die, but he will also do massive damage to the castle. If there are no aerial plants in front of one of its lanes, he will start shooting. He has a lot of health and is also very fast, so it is very difficult to stop him from reaching the edge of your castle and doing massive damage, especially in later levels where around ten of these appear at once. Instant kills and powerful plant food effects are very useful against this zombie as well as Winter Melons and Bowling Bulbs, but swarms of this zombie will sometimes appear very early and there may not have time for one. Beware, large numbers of this zombie ramming your castle may spell instant loss.

Air Raid

This zombie will act as a boss in the second stage of this Brain Buster. He has more health than the Zombie Fighter and will also have 2 bullet stings instead of 1, and can kill the player easily if their reflexes are not good enough to dodge all his screen-clogging bullets, considering that the player would be low at health at the point he or she reaches him. What's worse, he will appear as a mid-boss in stage 3 of the Brain Buster and will most likely result in multiple continues if the player does not dodge the bullets fluently.




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