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Diamond Beghouler

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Diamond Beghouler
Diamond Beghouler Diamond Beghouler
Upgrade all your plants in Beghouled.

Difficulty: Easy-medium

Diamond Beghouler is an achievement available for the Steam, PlayStation Vita, Xbox Live Arcade, Android, and iOS versions of Plants vs. Zombies. In order to complete it, the player must upgrade all of their plants in Beghouled. The Beghouled Twist version of this achievement is Sultan of Spin.


This achievement is fairly easy to get, as the sun cost of upgrading the player's plants is 1750, and the total minimum amount of sun the player can earn upon completing the level is 1875. Using basic Beghouled strategies, such as swapping out less useful plants first to avoid spending sun on refreshes or crater-filling will make the achievement easier to get. The player should try to create longer chains of plants or swap out many plants at the same time, as doing so will earn them enough extra sun to complete the achievement, in spite of any refreshes and crater filling. The player should not forget to upgrade their plants as soon as they have enough sun.

Note: If there are no possible matches, the screen will refresh itself automatically, so there is no point in spending 100 sun to refresh it at that point.

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