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Dead Zeppelin is the fifth level of I, Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition. It mainly focuses on Balloon Zombies.


Use Bungee Zombies to get rid of Magnet-shrooms and Cacti when you have enough sun. Then, use Buckethead Zombies in rows with heavy offense and Balloon Zombies with even heavier offense. However, do not use Balloon Zombies in lanes with Cactus nor Buckethead Zombies around Magnet-shrooms, otherwise, they will be wasted. Use a Bungee Zombie to remove them before you send in a Balloon Zombie.



  • Dead Zeppelin is the only I, Zombie level that includes Balloon Zombie and Cactus.
  • Dead Zeppelin is a reference to the 1970's rock band Led Zeppelin.
    • A zeppelin is also a large blimp, which can be referring to Balloon Zombies.
  • If a Balloon Zombie enters a lane where the brains are already eaten, it will continue floating past without his balloon popping.


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Plants vs. Zombies - Dead Zeppelin PUZZLE MODE

By Drek'TharSuperSword

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