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Dave's Commissary is a feature in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars which is unlocked after beating Prehistoric Ages - Day 7. When accessed, the player can buy 12 different sets of Plant, armor or weapon Puzzle Pieces, by paying coins or gems. Sometimes, the exact same kind of Puzzle Piece may appear at a time, but will be sold a bundle, though they may not be sold with the same type of currency.

There can be discounts for Puzzle Pieces, where the original amount of coins or gems is slashed out and is shown with the temporary new cost. The items for sale will be reshuffled multiple times in a day by itself, though the player can do this themselves free of charge, except that it can only be done once.

When about to buy a package, a confirmation message will be displayed, showing the number of the exact same Puzzle Pieces the player has beforehand, with the price the player needs to pay. A package can only be bought one at a time.