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Danger at the Dojo is the twenty-third mission for the zombie side in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. The main opposing plant hero in this mission is Nightcap. This mission also features Citron and Green Shadow as opposing plant heroes. A special gimmick named That Hurts! is present throughout the mission, stating that all fighters get hurt for 1 damage at the start of each turn.


Encounter Battle

Danger at the Dojo - Encounter Battle
PvZ Heroes logo
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Nightcap 1 1
Previous Next
<<< >>>

Teammate Battle (I)

Danger at the Dojo - Teammate Battle (I)
PvZ Heroes logo
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Citron 1 1
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<<< >>>

Mini-Boss Battle

Danger at the Dojo - Mini-Boss Battle
PvZ Heroes logo
Special gimmick
Nightcap starts with two Lightning ReedH in the 2nd and 4th lane.
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Nightcap 1 1
Previous Next
<<< >>>

Teammate Battle (II)

Danger at the Dojo - Teammate Battle (II)
PvZ Heroes logo
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Green Shadow 1 1
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<<< >>>

Boss Battle

Danger at the Dojo - Boss Battle
PvZ Heroes logo
Boss Mode
Nightcap starts with 2 Lightning ReedH in the 2nd and 4th lane. Whenever a plant fighter is played, that plant gains +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Nightcap 1 1
Previous Next
<<< >>>



The effect of the "That Hurts" rule

This level's gimmick will benefit zombies that will activate their abilities when hurt such as Newspaper Zombie and Jester. Armored zombies cannot be hurt by the gimmick at all, making All-Star Zombie and Knight of the Living Dead particularly effective. Knights, especially if Possessed is used, will put immense pressure on the plant hero if they can't bounce them. Flag Zombies can be used to bring these cards out sooner and end the battle quickly. Note that Shielded zombies are NOT immune to the gimmick's effect as the shields will expire before damage is handed out.

SInce he has access to PvZH Crazy IconCrazy and PvZH Hearty IconHearty cards, Z-Mech is a good choice, along with Rustbolt or The Smash as they have access to more instant-kill cards, and in The Smash's case, Nibble. The player will still have to beware of legendaries such as Dandy Lion King and Kernel Corn (particularly Z-Mech), along with plant heroes spamming multiple bounce cards like Jumping Bean and crowd control plants like Sour Grapes and Snapdragon. It's helpful to bait out as many of the bounce/crowd-control plants as possible with a few sacrificial fighters so that they die off sooner, after which the plant hero can be overwhelmed with heavy hitters. Weak and frail plants like Lightning Reed can usually be safely ignored as the level's gimmick will eventually kill them for you.


  • This mission's name, like some others, uses alliteration.
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