July 30th, 2017

Synopsis: You play as Nightcap fighting against Immorticia on turn 18. Immorticia has 24 health and you (Nightcap) have 1 health. On the field, from left to right, there is a Trickster in the first lane, a Wormhole Gatekeeper on a Cone Zone environment in the second lane, a Smashing Gargantuar in the fourth lane and an Interstellar Bounty Hunter in the fifth lane. Also on the field is a High-Voltage Currant in the fifth lane with the Interstellar Bounty Hunter. You are given a Sergeant Strongberry, a Melon-Pult, a Sour Grapes and an Electric Blueberry.

  1. Play the Sergeant Strongberry in the second lane with the Wormhole Gatekeeper and play the Sour Grapes in the first lane with the Trickster. The Sour Grapes will do 1 damage to each Zombie, increasing High-Voltage Currant's strength to 5, then the Sergeant Strongberry will damage each Zombie for 2, increasing High-Voltage Currant's strength to 9.
  2. Play the Electric Blueberry in the fourth lane with the Wormhole Gatekeeper and play the Melon-Pult in the third lane, which will move the Interstellar Bounty Hunter from High-Voltage Currant's lane into the third lane too.
  3. Start the fight. If you did it right, Sour Grapes should attack and increase High-Voltage Currant's strength to 11 (via Sergeant Strongberry), then the Sergeant Strongberry will increase High-Voltage Currant's strength to 13. The Interstellar Bounty Hunter and the Smashing Gargantuar gets destroyed by Melon-Pult. Electric Blueberry will attack Immorticia letting her health level to 16, while the Currant, now with 15 strength damages Immorticia, then the Sergeant Strongberry should finish off Immorticia.

Alternatively, you can place Sergeant Strongberry on lane 4 and Electric Blueberry on lane 2. While it is more luck based as the Electric Blueberry needs to hit Immorticia, it can ensure a win.

Also, the Wormhole Gatekeeper will give you a card at the start of the mission. If you get Sergeant Strongberry, you can instantly win by playing two Sergeant Strongberry anywhere then play Sour Grapes.

July 23rd, 2017

Synopsis: You play as Immorticia fighting against Grass Knuckles again on turn 10. Grass Knuckles has 17 health and you (Immorticia) have 1 health. On heights, there is a Pecanolith and on ground, there are three Water Chestnuts. In front of the second Water Chestnut is a Mirror-Nut. On water, there is a Sting Bean. Also, there is Area 22 environment on the second lane and inside the gravestone is a Teleportation Zombie on the fourth lane. You are given a Secret Agent, two Cat Ladies, Locust Swarm and Witch's Familiar.

  1. Skip the "Zombies Play" phase.
  2. Place a Cat Lady on the Area 22 environment. Then, place another Cat Lady on heights so that the Cat Lady on the environment increases her damage by 3.
  3. Use a Secret Agent to the Cat Lady on heights. Then, place her again on the same lane so that the Cat Lady on the environment increases her damage again by 3.
  4. Use Witch's Familiar on the third lane. This way, two Cat Ladies will buff their attack twice.
  5. Finally, use Locust Swarm to the Mirror-Nut. Again, two Cat Ladies will buff their attack.
  6. Start the fight. If you did it right, the following should happen.
    1. The first Cat Lady will attack the Pecanolith so that Pecanolith's abilities will be disabled if destroyed.
    2. The other Cat Lady will attack the first Water Chestnut, destroying it, and with her Frenzy trait due to Area 22, she attacks again, dealing a devastating 17 damage to Grass Knuckles and defeating him.

July 16th, 2017

Synopsis: You play as Solar Flare fighting against Impfinity on turn 8. Impfinity has 4 health and you (Solar Flare) have 5 health. From the left to right, there are: a Quasar Wizard, a Imp Commander on a Laser Base Alpha, a Aerobics Instructor, and a Walrus Rider. A Newspaper Zombie will be played on the fourth lane. You are given an Apple-Saucer, a Lava Guava, and an Invasive Species.

  1. Play the Lava Guava in the center lane. Aerobics Instructor will be damaged for 2 and Hot Lava will be created on her lane.
  2. Play the Invasive Species on the Hot Lava to activate its ability.
  3. Start the fight. If you did it right, the following should happen.
    1. The Quasar Wizard will deal 2 damage to you.
    2. The Imp Commander will deal 2 damage to you.
    3. Before the attack on the third lane begins, Hot Lava will activate its ability, dealing 1 damage to both the Invasive Species and the Aerobics Instructor, dealing the remaining 1 damage needed to destroy her. Since there is now nothing blocking Invasive Species, it will attack Impfinity for 5 damage, defeating him.

June 18th, 2017

By BF10

This challenge might seem fun due your decks being full of Eurekas (similar to the mid-boss and boss decks of Brains in Danger!), but it could also be luck based. Depending on what you get, some may complete this in one try and find it a fun breeze, but some can find it as cancer. You will need to play wisely.

  • Remember your deck is full of Eureka cards, the mulligan is considered useless here.
  • Whatever superpower you get, instantly use it. Start playing many Eurekas, otherwise Nightcap might spam cards.
  • Depending on what you get, you may get cheap or expensive stuff. Avoid expensive material, Nightcap will likely kill you before you have a chance to play it.
  • Play whatever you have. Nightcap might have no removal, but his plants are strong.
  • If Nightcap plays a Black-Eyed Pea via Cosmic Bean, block it or you might lose.
  • Overwhelm Nightcap then finish him off quickly.

May 21st, 2017

By Snapdragon717

This challenge usually requires luck and good card draw to win, as the opponent is at a very good advantage. The Wall-Knight starts with a Soul Patch, while your hero gets a Zombie King.

  • One thing to note is that the deck you are given does not contain Rocket Science, which is the biggest disadvantage to this challenge.
  • Start with Shrink Ray or Cut Down to Size. If you do not get it, losing is almost guaranteed. Wall-Knight will likely play a Sunflower.
  • Start placing weak units after the Soul Patch is destroyed. Try and save Rolling Stones for some plants.
  • Watch out for Pear Cub and Mixed Nuts. They can become really powerful really quickly.
  • Keep the Zombie King alive at all costs. If it gets destroyed, try replacing it.
  • Try to win on turn 6 with a Coffee Zombie play. If Wall-Knight has Doom-Shroom, he will likely win.
  • Do not try to let the match prolong to turn 7, as he can play Soul Patch, which is very difficult to take out. He can play multiple Soul Patches as well.
  • Wall-nut Bowling will likely end the match. Luckily, Knight of the Living Dead can survive it.

April 16th, 2017

By BF10

This challenge is extremely hard due to the strategy deck you are given and GREATLY relies on luck in order to win. If you make one mistake or don't keep an eye on the random number generator, you will lose the entire thing.

  • One thing to know is Citron has 30 Amphibious plants in his deck, while Brain Freeze has access to 11 Amphibious zombies. This factor makes the battle extremely hard altogether and makes it more luck-based than skill-based.
  • You should start with many Amphibious zombies. If none of your zombies when you redraw are Amphibious, it might be best to concede.
  • The best superpower is Dolphinado since it can affect the water lanes. The other superpowers are nearly useless, but Galvanize can boost a zombie later in the game.
  • Quickly destroy Citron's beans as he will try to spam beans to "bean" you over.
  • Try to quickly spam pet zombies so Citron will stress and try to take them out. Boosting Cat Lady is a must, as playing Zookeeper and other pets can give it a lot attack, and put pressure on Citron.
  • Quickly waste Citron's cards so he is defenseless. Defeat him quickly, otherwise he will spawn high strength plants and end the game quickly.