June 3rd, 2017

By FirestarIDN

This challenge can be hard due to relying mostly on luck. You will need a good set of starting cards if you want to complete this challenge.

  • An important thing to know is that the only 1-cost card in your deck is Admiral Navy Bean, which can end up destroyed by Rolling Stone if Neptuna is lucky enough to start with one.
  • Another point in this challenge is that Neptuna has 23 Gravestone zombies in her deck, including one Line Dancing Zombie and one Surprise Gargantuar. Always watch out for these zombies, especially if there is a Gravestone Carver in play.
  • Try to mulligan for cheaper cards, preferably bean cards such as Sow Magic Beans. If all your starting cards have high sun cost, a loss is almost guaranteed.
  • If you're lucky enough to have played an Admiral Navy Bean surviving the first turn, start playing lots of bean cards to wither Neptuna's health.
  • Defeat Neptuna quickly and never let her fill every lane with zombies, otherwise she will play Coffee Zombie or Going Viral, which will lead you to an easy loss.

Due to changes made to pre-existing strategy decks with the release of the Galactic Gardens expansion, please refer to the Event Rumpus section for the June 19th, 2017 challenge, where the strategy differs.

April 15th, 2017

By BF10

This challenge is very hard and relies on luck in order to win.

  • The best start is Electrobolt since you can straight up damage the Health-Nut and turn it into a 1/1 plant. The worst start is with Telepathy or Eureka, since they do nothing with the Health-Nut. Summoning can flesh shield the Health-Nut and if you're lucky, destroy it with Cuckoo Zombie, Tennis Champ, Toxic Waste Imp, or Squirrel Herder.
  • The worst start for Grass Knuckles is Holo-Flora, while the best start for Grass Knuckles is Power Pummel or Root Wall since if given Power Pummel, Grass Knuckles can deal 10 damage in one turn (6 for the Pummel, 4 for Health-Nut), while Root Wall prevents Health-Nut from taking damage and allows it to deal 6 damage in one turn. If he plays Root Wall, you might as well concede and replay. Time to Shine is also annoying and can deal 8 damage in one turn if used on Health-Nut without the player doing anything during the Zombie Tricks phase.
  • Quickly deal with the legendaries, since they are hard to deal with. If things get tight, try to Teleport high strength zombies.
  • End the game quickly as Grass Knuckles will try to defeat you with legendaries or Re-Peat Moss.

The May 1st, 2017 challenge follows this strategy since that challenge is a repetition of this.