Date Name Featuring Player Opponent Number of Water lanes Number of Height lanes Special Rule Link
August 1st, 2017 Early Access Hover-Goat 3000 Brain Freeze Green Shadow 1 1 N/A TBD
August 2nd, 2017 Puzzle Party Escape through Time Neptuna Grass Knuckles 1 1 N/A TBD
August 3rd, 2017 Event Showcase Bad Moon Rising Huge-Gigantacus Rose 1 1 N/A TBD
August 4th, 2017 Twisted Rules Punish-Shroom Solar Flare Super Brainz 1 1 All Plants and Zombies get +1 Strength and Health when they are played. TBD
August 5th, 2017 Sneak Peek Hover-Goat 3000 Beta-Carrotina The Smash 1 1 N/A TBD
August 6th, 2017 Surprise! Kitchen Sink Zombie Immorticia Wall-Knight 1 1 N/A TBD
August 7th, 2017 Event Rumpus Bad Moon Rising Chompzilla Rustbolt 1 1 N/A TBD