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Cryptozombologist Cryptozombologist
Discover the top secret zombie.

Difficulty: Somewhat hard


Cryptozombologist is an achievement unlockable on the Xbox Live Arcade, iOS, and the old Steam version of Plants vs. Zombies. It has the same requirement as Zombologist. This achievement is unlocked by encountering the Zombie Yeti, which is found in Level 4-10 after beating Adventure Mode for the first time.

Yeti Zombie

Zombie Yeti in action on Level 4-10 replayed


  • The word "Cryptozombologist" comes from cryptozoology, meaning the study as cryptids, and zombies.
  • It is called Zombologist in the iOS, Android, and Game of the Year versions (excluding the Steam version).
  • In Game of The Year edition, it says "Discover the Yeti Zombie" instead of "The Top Secret Zombie." Technically, this is so because it is a completely different achievement; it is also called Zombologist instead of Cryptozombologist, but in the Steam version, the description is the same as Zombologist.
  • If the player uses the I, Zombie hack and places a Zombie Yeti, the achievement will not be obtained.

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