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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Cowardly Thorns (胆小荆棘; pinyin: dǎn xiǎo jīngjí) is a plant from the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. She was added in the 2.0 update. She can absorb about 1500 damage per shot and can protect nearby plants from being stomped by a brontosaurus. However, she can only protect the plants from the brontosaurus once and will be taken away afterwards.

Almanac entry

胆小荆棘 (Cowardly Thorns)
Sun cost: 0

AREA: 3x3
RECHARGE: Mediocre


特点: 抵挡雷龙踩踏
植物特征: 褐色植物


    In English:

    Cowardly Thorns prevent Brontosaurus stomps.

    Special: Prevents Brontosaurus stomps
    Plant features: Brown plant

    Cowardly Thorns only does one thing in her life, which is to counter the Brontosaurus stomps.


She should be planted in a manner similar to how Umbrella Leaf is placed in the first game. The brontosaurus can ruin defenses in Jurassic Marsh, so bringing this along in every level with them is essential. Since she is free to use, has a slightly high health and is available in all worlds, she can also be used as a free zombie staller (except in Sky City since she cannot fly, and zombies that instantly destroy plants).



  • When she is about to be stomped on by a brontosaurus and her animation plays, she cannot be dug up.
  • Although she is not an instant use plant, she does not have a Plant Food ability.
  • Prior to 2.0.1, she can only protect stomps at certain positions (at the center of the stomp)
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