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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.
For the similar zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Conga Zombie.
Conga DancerA
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Conga Dancer

Conga DancerA
(no in-game description)
Toughness Medium
First seen Sweaty Palms - Level 1
Despite mindlessly following Conga Line Leader everywhere he goes, Conga Line Dancer is an independent thinker with startling opinions. The stuff on her recipe blog will blow your mind.

Conga Dancer is a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. She is summoned by the Conga Leader in a conga line directly from the grave he spawned. She will keep being summoned as long as the Conga Leader is still alive.


Conga Dancer is continuously spawned from the grave while a Conga Leader is present. The first one will spawn two seconds after the Conga Leader has, but the others after will spawn every four seconds. They will continue spawning at this pace until either the Conga Leader has to stop and eat a plant or if the leader gets killed.

She absorbs 12 normal damage shots, and degrades at 4, 8 (at which point, the feather hat falls off), and 11 normal damage shots, before she dies at 12 normal damage shots.

Facebook description

Despite mindlessly following Conga Line Leader everywhere he goes, Conga Line Dancer is an independent thinker with startling opinions. The stuff on her recipe blog will blow your mind.

-Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook Page



Conga Lines, when they reach full size, will be extremely deadly to try to deal with. Using a Jalapeño to kill them all will leave only any that were rising from the grave, making it significantly easier. However, if no instant kills are brought, killing Conga Dancers quickly is advised, as a group of ten or twenty can overrun most tough defenses. One or two Snow Peas backed up with Plant Perk will help with one or two, but Flaming Peas with some Sweet Peas should be used in later waves.

Although Conga Dancers have the same speed as the Conga Leader, this does not necessarily mean they will follow. If for any reason the Conga Leader is stopped, the Dancers will keep going forward regardless.



  • Despite the fact that Conga Leader is Mexican-styled, the Conga Dancer is not.
  • She is referred to as "Congaline Zombie" in the in-game tips.
    • She is also called "Conga Line Follower" in some quests and in her Facebook description.
  • The first official photo of the Conga Dancer has a fruit basket on her head, eyelashes and lipstick, but the final version does not have these accessories.
  • There is a rare bug where sometimes she still come out from the grave despite that Conga Leader is dead.
  • She can be "unearthed" without encountering her. By using instant kills to kill Conga Leader before he summons any Conga Dancers on the first level the player encounters him, the resulting Facebook post will say she is discovered without actually encountering the Conga Dancer.
  • Her toughness is as strong as a Conehead Zombie except she is slower when a Conga Leader is present.
  • She and Imp are the only zombies in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures that do not have an in-game description.
  • She is the first ever female zombie to be released.
  • Her original apperence now closely resembles that of the the Conga Zombie in Plants Vs Zombies Heros.
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

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