This article contains the various community-built decks for Z-Mech in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

Z-MechH United We Stand (created by Lily8763cp)

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This deck is featured mostly around having tons of armored zombies as well as having a ton of health on those zombies. Conehead, Buckethead, Knight of the Living Dead, and All-Star Zombie all have armored traits, which will prevent them from being hurt by plants with 1 strength (2 if it's the Knight of the Living Dead). Coffee Zombie will give all zombies more health and frenzy while Medic and Camel Crossing can heal hurt allies (and Camel Crossing can give more health to zombies with full health. )
ConeheadH x4 BucketheadH x4 Knight of the Living DeadH x4 All-Star ZombieH x3 Arm WrestlerH x3
Unlife of the PartyH x3 MedicH x4 Coffee ZombieH x2 Newspaper ZombieH x3 Camel CrossingH x3
Imp-Throwing GargantuarH x2 Undying PharaohH x1 Trash Can ZombieH x2 Flag ZombieH x2
Z-MechH Titanfall, or Knightfall? (created by GamerNerd i)

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Yes, I did just make that joke. Begin weak, end strong. Summon tons of small Zombies using Disco Zombie, Imp-Throwing Gargantuars, and Disco-Tron 3000, then play a Zombie King and watch as you Crazy companions turn into Hearty heroes! Medics will keep you in the fight, and Camel Crossing and Monster Mash will keep your allies in their fight! Valkyrie’s voice sings stronger for each fallen, so even when the Knights fail, massive attack stats will bring down the toughest threats.
The ChickeningH x2 Camel CrossingH x3 Rolling StoneH x2 Disco-Tron 3000H x2 Monster MashH x2
Imp-Throwing GargantuarH x2 Rodeo GargantuarH x2 Arm WrestlerH x3 MedicH x4 Flag ZombieH x4
Unlife of the PartyH x3 Disco ZombieH x3 ValkyrieH x2 Coffee ZombieH x2 Fireworks ZombieH x2
Zombie KingH x2
Z-MechH From Ninjas to Knights (created by Honeyfungus)

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This deck is used for clear zombies (with Space Ninja in an environment) and build environments in the beginning, then start to promote zombies into knights so you will have a wave of strong armored zombies! Use Camel Crossing and Escape through time to protect your zombies.
Space NinjaH x4 Newspaper ZombieH x2 Flag ZombieH x2 Sumo WrestlerH x2 Trash Can ZombieH x2
Zombie KingH x4 Intergalactic WarlordH x1 Knight of the Living DeadH x3 Rodeo GargantuarH x2 Meteor ZH x3
Moon Base ZH x3 Escape through TimeH x2 Camel CrossingH x2 Black HoleH x2 Cone ZoneH x3
Weed SprayH x2 Going ViralH x1

Z-MechH Bullseye Dance (created by NgThang)

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Combine your Disco-Naut with Overshoot teammates for extra damage!
Black HoleH x3 TerrifyH x4 Disco-NautH x4 Camel CrossingH x2 Cosmic DancerH x4
Moon Base ZH x4 JesterH x4 The ChickeningH x2 Disco ZombieH x3 Disco-Tron 3000H x1
Binary StarsH x2 Flamenco ZombieH x4 Zombot Battlecruiser 5000H x3