This article contains the various Community-built decks for The Smash in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You're free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first

The SmashH Mon Armour (created by Protanly)

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This deck is full of armoured units designed to minimize damage taken, and keep you in the fight long enough to deploy your strongest units.
Arm WrestlerH x4 Camel CrossingH x3 Dog WalkerH x3 Rolling StoneH x3 ConeheadH x4
Trash Can ZombieH x4 Vitamin ZH x3 BucketheadH x4 Zombie KingH x2 All-Star ZombieH x2
Locust SwarmH x2 Knight of the Living DeadH x4 Octo ZombieH x2

The SmashH Smash and pet (created by Crazyzombie168)

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This deck consist of pet zombies with some hardy trick support. You will use Camel Crossing with Zoo Keepers to give all your zombies +2 health and +1 strength. You will also use Terrify to move any plant blocking a powerful pets way, or use Rolling Stone or Weed Spray to get rid of weak blockers. Also use Zombie Yetis to give you Lunch Boxes and to keep placing it to give all pets +1 every turn while it is alive.
Cat LadyH x4 Dog WalkerH x4 Camel CrossingH x4 Rolling StoneH x2 Pied PiperH x4
TerrifyH x3 ZookeeperH x4 Dolphin RiderH x3 Weed SprayH x2 Zombie YetiH x4
Locust SwarmH x3 Monster MashH x2 Maniacal LaughH x1

The SmashH We Smash! (created by BoltBlizard)

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This deck requires precise planning, brute force and knowledge of your foe's plants and capabilities. But if pulled off correctly, you can very well decimate your foes as if your name was Zomboss (OK, maybe not).
Arm WrestlerH x4 MedicH x3 Team MascotH x3 Smashing GargantuarH x2 Rodeo GargantuarH x2
Nurse GargantuarH x1 Rolling StoneH x3 Locust SwarmH x4 Vitamin ZH x4 Weed SprayH x3
Zombie CoachH x3 LandscaperH x3 LoudmouthH x2 Dolphin RiderH x3

The SmashH Flag Zombie's revenge (created by Flag zombie)

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This Deck is about Flag Zombie (see my name). Play him at the start of the game to play a lot of low cost Zombies. Use Vitamin Z to boost the stats of your weak Zombies and use Medic and Nurse Gargantuar to heal yourself.
Flag ZombieH x4 Vitamin ZH x4 Arm WrestlerH x3 Camel CrossingH x3 Baseball ZombieH x2
Team MascotH x3 Zombie CoachH x3 Rolling StoneH x2 TerrifyH x2 Weed SprayH x1
Deep Sea GargantuarH x2 Nurse GargantuarH x1 Zombie YetiH x1 LoudmouthH x3 Locust SwarmH x2
Sumo WrestlerH x2 MedicH x2

The SmashH Pet Attack (created by Iamarepeater)

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This deck might be similar to Crazyzombie123's Smash and Pet's deck but there are some differences. This deck involves overwheleming your opponents with super strong pet zombies (buffed either because of cat ladies or zookeepers's buff) before they have a chance to place down strong cards. Use camel crossing to buff your weak pets and weed spray to wipe clean those weak but sturdy blockers like water chestnuts. Make use of Zombie Yetis and Kanagroo Rider's bounce ability to buff your pets to no end.
Camel CrossingH x4 Cat LadyH x2 Dog WalkerH x4 Skunk PunkH x2 Pied PiperH x4
Squirrel HerderH x3 ZookeeperH x4 Dolphin RiderH x4 Weed SprayH x4 Zombie YetiH x2
Kangaroo RiderH x4 Locust SwarmH x2 Octo ZombieH x1
The SmashH DeadSports (created by BonkyChoySE)

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The plants will not know how to deal if they doesn't deal with the Mascots of our Deck. Fill the Lawn with Zombies, being the last one the couch and then use Going viral as a fast way to draw. Note: you can change the Vimpire for another Event card
Escape through TimeH x2 NibbleH x2 Zombology TeacherH x1 TerrifyH x1 Total EclipseH x1
Sumo WrestlerH x2 Synchronized SwimmerH x2 Cone ZoneH x2 Hover-Goat 3000H x1 Alien OozeH x1
Cosmic Sports StarH x3 Going ViralH x2 Weed SprayH x1 Team MascotH x3 VimpireH x1
Bonus Track BucketheadH x3 MedicH x2 Zombie CoachH x1 Surfer ZombieH x2 Monster MashH x1
All-Star ZombieH x1 Maniacal LaughH x1 Vitamin ZH x3 Rodeo GargantuarH x1