This article contains the various community-built decks for Rustbolt in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

RustboltH Metal Armor Defense (created by Fairy27)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Hearty Icon
This deck focuses on defense-based zombies, especially making them all to Knight of the Living Deads. Plants may not break that kind of defense.
Camel CrossingH x4 Chimney SweepH x2 Arm WrestlerH x2 Rolling StoneH x3 Beam Me UpH x2
ConeheadH x4 Flag ZombieH x2 Ra ZombieH x1 LandscaperH x2 Zombie KingH x2
Fun-Dead RaiserH x1 Rocket ScienceH x3 Trash Can ZombieH x1 BucketheadH x2 MedicH x3
Monster MashH x2 Hail-a-CopterH x1 Knight of the Living DeadH x4

RustboltH The Destroyer Menace Rises (created by The great mark)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Hearty Icon
This deck is mostly based on destroying plants , and drawing extra cards, for getting early and easy very powerful zombie attacks
Arm WrestlerH x3 Paparazzi ZombieH x3 Rolling StoneH x3 Sumo WrestlerH x3 Beam Me UpH x3
Lurch for LunchH x2 Rocket ScienceH x3 Weed SprayH x3 TerrifyH x2 LandscaperH x3
Kite FlyerH x3 Mountain ClimberH x2 Monster MashH x2 Hail-a-CopterH x3 Portal TechnicianH x2

RustboltH Team Spirit! (created by Lily8763cp)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Hearty Icon
This deck mostly has sports-themed zombie teammates, as well as having a good amount of tricks to use on the opponent. Zombie Coach and Team Mascot can assist their sports allies, and Flag Zombie will make their fellow teammates cheaper to use. Mountain Climber can also be used on heights to gain a boost in strength and health and Sumo Wrestler can move any plants that are in its way. The only problem with this deck is the like of anything amphibious, however, Rocket Science can get rid of plants in that lane with 4+ strength and Rolling Stone can get rid of plants in that lane with 2- strength.
Team MascotH x4 All-Star ZombieH x3 Arm WrestlerH x4 Mountain ClimberH x2 Flag ZombieH x4
Zombie CoachH x2 Brain VendorH x4 Pool SharkH x2 Sumo WrestlerH x2 Camel CrossingH x2
Monster MashH x2 TeleportH x2 Lurch for LunchH x3 Rocket ScienceH x2 Rolling StoneH x2

RustboltH Bulky science (created by TheFatManatee)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Hearty Icon
A science deck with hearty tricks to add what science zombies lack, bulk.
Zombot Drone EngineerH x3 ElectricianH x3 Mad ChemistH x2 Beam Me UpH x3 Hail-a-CopterH x3
Gentleman ZombieH x3 TricksterH x1 Sumo WrestlerH x3 Coffee ZombieH x2 Camel CrossingH x4
Rolling StoneH x3 Rocket ScienceH x3 Lurch for LunchH x3 TeleportH x1 Monster MashH x2

RustboltH Game Plan (created by GamerNerd i)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Hearty Icon
This deck’s got a great game plan - taking advantage of the Sports cards in both the Brainy and Hearty Classes! It heavily relies on buffing Tricks and the Sports-specific buffs to succeed. Gentleman Zombie and Brain Vendor helps get Brains to use in the Tricks phase, Flag Zombie helps you get more out of those Brainz, and Paparazzi Zombie catches all the action with its personal buff. Zombie Coach and Team Mascot support the Sports Zombies that make up the majority of the deck. Throw in Coffee Zombie, Monster Mash, Camel Crossing, and Medic (with his “Gatorade”) to keep everyone refreshed, and it’s game time!
Camel CrossingH x3 TeleportH x2 Monster MashH x2 All-Star ZombieH x2 Rodeo GargantuarH x2
Fun-Dead RaiserH x2 Arm WrestlerH x3 Paparazzi ZombieH x3 Gentleman ZombieH x3 Brain VendorH x2
Pool SharkH x2 MedicH x2 Mountain ClimberH x2 Team MascotH x3 Flag ZombieH x2
Coffee ZombieH x2 Zombie CoachH x3

RustboltH Spell Slinger (created by cantoization)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Hearty Icon
This deck is all about using spells to protect spell-generating zombies. It's an out-of-control late game winner. Make your opponents use their cc in the early game on your Chimney Sweep and Paparazzi, then safely play Kite Flyer, Mad Chemist, and Trick or Treater (can sub in another Mad Chemist) to become a card-slinging, spell-spamming, unbeatable machine. Is weak against: Strikethrough plants, Black Eyed Pea. Remove threats or reduce their strength where you can.
Camel CrossingH x3 Chimney SweepH x3 Paparazzi ZombieH x2 Rolling StoneH x2 TeleportH x1
Beam Me UpH x2 Zombot Drone EngineerH x2 Lurch for LunchH x2 TerrifyH x1 Brain VendorH x1
ElectricianH x2 Fun-Dead RaiserH x2 Kite FlyerH x3 LandscaperH x4 Rocket ScienceH x2
Trick-or-TreaterH x1 Weed SprayH x2 Mad ChemistH x1 Gadget ScientistH x2 Monster MashH x1
Hail-a-CopterH x1 Portal TechnicianH x1

RustboltH Iron Zombie (created by LemmiSlams)

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Its all about control! Rolling Stone, Weed Spray and Rocket Science make sure that dangerous plants go down. Armored zombies and Landscaper limit the offensive power of the opposing side. Fun-Dead Raiser and Kite Flyer makes sure that you're way ahead of your opponent in late-game. Medics, Coffee Zombie, Undying Pharaoh and Camel Crossing help make sure your hero and zombies stay alive. And don't worry if you don't have a Undying Pharaoh, another Medic will do as substitute.
Arm WrestlerH x2 Camel CrossingH x3 Rolling StoneH x3 ConeheadH x3 Flag ZombieH x2
Lurch for LunchH x3 TerrifyH x2 Fun-Dead RaiserH x3 Kite FlyerH x1 LandscaperH x2
Rocket ScienceH x3 Trash Can ZombieH x2 Weed SprayH x2 BucketheadH x2 MedicH x3
Coffee ZombieH x1 Undying PharaohH x1 Knight of the Living DeadH x2

RustboltH Good Game! (created by Pryp'yatMineralGamer)

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This deck is a Sports deck, focusing on Team Mascot, Zombie Coach, and Camel Crossing. Go to the Football (a.k.a PvZH) game with this deck!
Arm WrestlerH x3 Baseball ZombieH x4 Camel CrossingH x4 Paparazzi ZombieH x4 Lurch for LunchH x4
Sumo WrestlerH x4 Brain VendorH x2 Team MascotH x4 Drum MajorH x4 Mad ChemistH x2
Zombie CoachH x2 Shieldcrusher VikingH x1 Undying PharaohH x1 Wizard GargantuarH x1 Rodeo GargantuarH

RustboltH Strategy Sport (created by KirbiMiroir)

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Rustbolt has three areas that he can do well in - Sports Zombies, Science Zombies and Tricks. This deck cleverly mixes these three strategies in with a couple of more unique strategies, such as using Wizard Gargantuar and Rodeo Gargantuar together. If you'd like, you can make the deck focus a bit more on one of the three particular fields of speciality.
Baseball ZombieH x1 Camel CrossingH x3 Paparazzi ZombieH x2 Rolling StoneH x2 Beam Me UpH x2
ConeheadH x2 Flag ZombieH x1 TerrifyH x2 Zombot Drone EngineerH x2 ElectricianH x2
Rocket ScienceH x2 Team MascotH x3 Trash Can ZombieH x1 Weed SprayH x2 BucketheadH x1
Mad ChemistH x1 MedicH x3 Zombie CoachH x1 Gadget ScientistH x1 Hail-a-CopterH x2
Wizard GargantuarH x1 Knight of the Living DeadH x1 Rodeo GargantuarH x1 TricksterH x1
RustboltH Trickbolt (created by CopyUniverse)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Hearty Icon
This deck makes large use of tricks to deal with a wide variety of Plants on the board, with some Zombies to disrupt Trick usage for Plants, and Tricksters to finish the job. However, this deck has difficulty dealing with 3-attack plants, particularly Amphibious ones.
Rolling StoneH x4 TeleportH x4 Beam Me UpH x4 Lurch for LunchH x2 TerrifyH x2
Fun-Dead RaiserH x4 Gentleman ZombieH x2 Rocket ScienceH x4 Weed SprayH x4 Defensive EndH x2
Hail-a-CopterH x4 TricksterH x4

RustboltH Budget Science (Under construction) (created by NgThang)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Hearty Icon
This decks consists of many cheap cards with science synergy.
Genetic ExperimentH x3 Interdimensional ZombieH x4 TeleportH x4 Zombot Drone EngineerH x4 Rolling StoneH x3
Cosmic ScientistH x4 Zombology TeacherH x2 Rocket ScienceH x2 ElectricianH x3 Transformation StationH x3
Gadget ScientistH x4