This article contains the various community-built decks for Impfinity in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

ImpfinityH Glass canon master (created by Leoaustin123)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck is designed for early winning. We add Zombot Sharktronic Sub and The Chickening just in case of late game.
Zombot Sharktronic SubH x1 The ChickeningH x2 Tennis ChampH x4 Smoke BombH x4 Bungee PlumberH x4
Backup DancerH x2 Zombie ChickenH x1 Cuckoo ZombieH x3 AbracadaverH x1 Backyard BounceH x4
Disco ZombieH x3 Exploding ImpH x3 Line Dancing ZombieH x1 Stealthy ImpH x1 CakesplosionH x2
Flamenco ZombieH x2 Foot Soldier ZombieH x1 Walrus RiderH x1

ImpfinityH A GRAVE Mistake! (created by Snapdragon717)

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This deck focuses on the good amount of Gravestone Zombies that Impfinity can benefit from. There are only 3 types of zombies that aren't Gravestone out of 13 (4 if you count Mixed-up Gravedigger). Crazy Zombies with Gravestone are especially useful, such as Conga Zombie, Newspaper Zombie, and Jester. There are also common tricks to help out, and a few powerful Zombies in the late game. Mixed-up Gravedigger can easily turn the tide of battle if you can manage to keep everything alive, which should be simple. Impfinity also possesses In-crypted, which can safe your zombies in a pinch, and if Headstone Carver is on field, can boost it back again. This is especially helpful on Jesters.
Bungee PlumberH x3 Headstone CarverH x4 Smoke BombH x2 Conga ZombieH x3 Newspaper ZombieH x3
Swashbuckler ZombieH x3 Backyard BounceH x3 Exploding ImpH x2 JesterH x3 Smelly ZombieH x2
Stealthy ImpH x3 ValkyrieH x1 Pogo BouncerH x2 The ChickeningH x3 Mixed-Up GravediggerH x1
Surprise GargantuarH x1 Zombot Sharktronic SubH x1

ImpfinityH Mission Imp-ossible (created by Protanly)

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This deck uses Imps to swarm the opponent and fill the field before the opponent has a chance to breathe. It also contains tricks to support and keep the damage coming. The individual is weak, but the collective is strong.
Bungee PlumberH x2 ImpH x3 Mini-NinjaH x3 Smoke BombH x2 Fishy ImpH x4
Hot Dog ImpH x4 Toxic Waste ImpH x4 Backyard BounceH x2 Imp CommanderH x4 Stealthy ImpH x4
Zombot's WrathH x3 The ChickeningH x2 Walrus RiderH x3

ImpfinityH The P-imp Slap (Face) (created by Toxicfryer)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This is a deck for Impfinity which strongly relies on winning early, and dealing lots of damage to the plant hero. Most of the cards have high attack, anti-hero or strikethrough. You should be able to win by turn 10, as long as you place your zombies in empty lanes. Ignore any plants your opponent places, and focus on attacking the plant hero. You can always use The Chickening to get rid of any annoying plants.
Mini-NinjaH x4 Smoke BombH x4 Tennis ChampH x4 Fishy ImpH x4 Hot Dog ImpH x4
Disco ZombieH x3 Imp CommanderH x4 JesterH x3 Line Dancing ZombieH x2 Zombot's WrathH x1
The ChickeningH x4 Walrus RiderH x3

ImpfinityH Does it Hurt yet? (created by Draggon753)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck is similar to Impfinity's "Pain in the Deck" strategy deck and Z-Mech's "Stop hitting yourself" strategy deck, but still has zombies to help for the late game. It fully focuses on doing as much damage to plants as possible in order to remove them, as well as activate the abilities of zombies with the "When Hurt" ability. And all the while, Zombot Sharktronic Sub grows stronger with every dead plant. (You can't see it in the deck because there apparently wasn't enough room to show all of the cards in the deck.)
Bungee PlumberH x2 Ducky Tube ZombieH x1 Final MissionH x1 GraveyardH x1 Headstone CarverH x1
ImposterH x1 Smoke BombH x1 Unlife of the PartyH x1 Barrel of DeadbeardsH x1 Conga ZombieH x1
Dr. SpacetimeH x1 Fire RoosterH x1 Frosty MustacheH x1 Meteor ZH x1 Newspaper ZombieH x3
Space NinjaH x1 AbracadaverH x1 Cosmic ImpH x1 Fireworks ZombieH x1 JesterH x1
Zombie High DiverH x1 Zombot's WrathH x1 Barrel Roller ZombieH x1 CakesplosionH x2 Stupid CupidH x1
The ChickeningH x1 Binary StarsH x1 Foot Soldier ZombieH x1 Gargantuar-Throwing ImpH x1 Imp-Throwing GargantuarH x1

ImpfinityH Environments Galore (created by NgThang)

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This Deck focuses on Environments. Ice Pirate and Space Ninja will gain advantage on Environments, while Laser Base Alpha and Moon Base Z help other zombies do direct damage.
Meteor ZH x3 Space NinjaH x4 GraveyardH x2 Moon Base ZH x4 Trapper ZombieH x4
Laser Base AlphaH x4 AbracadaverH x4 Ducky Tube ZombieH x4 Tomb Raiser ZombieH x4 Ice PirateH x3
Binary StarsH x4

ImpfinityH Teenage Mutant Ninja Zombies (created by honeyfungus)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck is a Anti-Hero deck which is mixed with Environments. The Anti-Heros will strike the Plant Hero easier and meaner with Meteor Z and Laser Base Alpha. Space Ninja is also essential in this deck - he can wipe out weak plants on the field so zombies can attack your opponent directly (I recommend putting Space Ninja in Laser Base Alpha so you can kill all plants on the field). If you don't have Zombot Sharktronic Sub, I suggest you can add 1 other Anti-Hero Zombie (Any of them).
Mini-NinjaH x3 Line Dancing ZombieH x2 Stealthy ImpH x4 Space CowboyH x2 Pogo BouncerH x2
Walrus RiderH x2 Zombot Sharktronic SubH x2 Quickdraw Con ManH x2 Space NinjaH x4 AbracadaverH x2
Smoke BombH x4 Laser Base AlphaH x4 Meteor ZH x3 Moon Base ZH x3

ImpfinityH Take it to their Grave (created by LordHelix990)

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A (mostly) full Gravestone deck, this deck aims to overwhelm the opponent with sheer numbers. Keep flooding the field with Gravestones, and try to keep Headstone Carvers alive for as long as possible. Be careful not to spam too much that you run out of cards, however. This deck works wonders against heroes without Gravestone defenses such as Solar Flare or Chompzilla, though it falls flat against Guardian heroes, especially Citron.
Barrel of BarrelsH x2 Bungee PlumberH x4 GraveyardH x2 Headstone CarverH x4 Smoke BombH x2
Dr. SpacetimeH x1 Newspaper ZombieH x2 Swashbuckler ZombieH x2 Backyard BounceH x2 Exploding ImpH x2
JesterH x2 Line Dancing ZombieH x1 Smelly ZombieH x2 Stealthy ImpH x2 Unexpected GiftsH x1
Barrel Roller ZombieH x2 CakesplosionH x2 Pogo BouncerH x1 Tomb Raiser ZombieH x1 Mixed-Up GravediggerH x1
Surprise GargantuarH x1 Zombot Sharktronic SubH x1

ImpfinityH Hurting! (created by Shpore)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck was made by Captain Hack. This deck is all about zombies with an ability that activates when they do damage, and when they take damage.
Ducky Tube ZombieH x3 Dr. SpacetimeH x3 Imp-Throwing ImpH x3 Newspaper ZombieH x2 Swashbuckler ZombieH x3
AbracadaverH x3 Imp CommanderH x3 JesterH x2 Laser Base AlphaH x3 Moon Base ZH x3
Space CowboyH x2 Tomb Raiser ZombieH x2 Gargantuar-Throwing ImpH x2 Hippity Hop GargantuarH x2 Imp-Throwing GargantuarH x2
Gas GiantH x2

ImpfinityH Dance & Escape (created by Draggon753)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
Impfinity takes the dance floor and boogies up a STORM! Headhunter steadies his aim and Unlife of the Party gets more and more motivation as more dancing zombies join the party! Impfinity has also snuck Anti-Hero Zombies and Smoke Bombs to stop the plants from getting in their way!
Disco-NautH x1 Mini-NinjaH x2 Quickdraw Con ManH x1 Smoke BombH x4 Unlife of the PartyH x1
Aerobics InstructorH x1 Conga ZombieH x1 Disco Dance FloorH x1 Dr. SpacetimeH x1 Disco ZombieH x4
JesterH x1 Line Dancing ZombieH x1 Space PirateH x1 Stealthy ImpH x1 ValkyrieH x1
Cosmic DancerH x1 HeadhunterH x1 Orchestra ConductorH x1 Pogo BouncerH x1 TankylosaurusH x1
Binary StarsH x1 Blowgun ImpH x1 Flamenco ZombieH x4 Walrus RiderH x1 Disco-Tron 3000H x1
Gas GiantH x1 Zombot Aerostatic GondolaH x1 Zombot Sharktronic SubH x1 Zombot Plank WalkerH x1 Gargantuars' FeastH x1

ImpfinityH Graves of Infinity (created by TohkaYatogami21)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This Gravestone deck relies on Gravestone synergy cards like Grave Robber and Headstone Carver. Cards like Monkey Smuggler, Excavator Zombie, and Pogo Bouncer are really important for this deck. Use Smelly Zombie and Pogo Bouncer as removal while Monkey Smuggler smuggles for block meters.
Grave RobberH x4 GraveyardH x4 Headstone CarverH x4 Quickdraw Con ManH x3 Frosty MustacheH x4
Ice PirateH x3 Monkey SmugglerH x4 Excavator ZombieH x3 Line Dancing ZombieH x4 Smelly ZombieH x3
Pogo BouncerH x4

ImpfinityH pi*r*8 (created by Playnplaybegone)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck is a set 4 pirate deck. (~92% win rate) Overshoot and strikethrough cards do unavoidable damage to the opponent before they can take control. Freeze and heal are weaknesses.
Bungee PlumberH x2 Buried TreasureH x2 Disco-NautH x4 Final MissionH x4 Grave RobberH x4
Quickdraw Con ManH x4 Disco Dance FloorH x4 Fire RoosterH x2 Monkey SmugglerH x2 Swashbuckler ZombieH x4
Captain FlamefaceH x3 Line Dancing ZombieH x2 Space CowboyH x2 Unthawed VikingH x1

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