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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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This article contains the various community-built decks for Huge-Gigantacus in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.
Huge-GigantacusH Cheapened Plans (Planes abaratados) (created by BonkyChoiSE)

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While that Plant Hero is trying to get something useful; you can do it, but faster due to Dr. Spacetime, Nedulla Nebula, Brain Vendor and Gentleman Zombie, and better thanks to Dr. Spacetime, Portal Technician, and more. Just wait for your Bad Moon Rising and Zombot Sharktronic Sub for the victory dance.
Ducky Tube ZombieH x1 ImpH x2 Cosmic ScientistH x2 Dr. SpacetimeH x2 Medulla NebulaH x3
Hot Dog ImpH x2 Toxic Waste ImpH x1 Imp CommanderH x1 Kite FlyerH x1 Fun-Dead RaiserH x1
Brain VendorH x4 Gentleman ZombieH x2 Cosmic ImpH x2 FirefighterH x1 TriplicationH x4
Tomb Raiser ZombieH x2 Portal TechnicianH x3 Zombot Sharktronic SubH x1 Bad Moon RisingH x2 Zombot StompH x3

Huge-GigantacusH Ramp-Gigantacus (created by NgThang)

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This ramp deck helps you play big threats early by a lot of good ramping cards.
Interdimensional ZombieH x4 Transformation StationH x4 Teleportation ZombieH x3 Brain VendorH x4 Cryo-BrainH
Medulla NebulaH x4 Cosmic ImpH x2 Kitchen Sink ZombieH x2 Bad Moon RisingH x4 Zombot Plank WalkerH x3
Rocket ScienceH x2 Space CowboyH x4

{{PvZH Deck Builder |Hero = Huge-Gigantacus |Name of Deck = Big Time Rush |User = RandomzSunfish23901 |Deck description = Overwhelm your opponents with these strong early game cards! Summon the power of the Mustache Monuments to double the damage. Reap what you sow with 12 cards that will make sure you never stop fighting. Smoke Bomb will guarantee your high-Strength zombies will wreck the Plant Hero. |Card1 = Barrel of Barrels |Quantity1 = 3 |Card2 = Mini-Ninja |Quantity2 = 4 |Card3 = Smoke Bomb |Quantity3 = 4 |Card4 = Fire Rooster |Quantity4 = 4 |Card5 = Fishy Imp |Quantity5 = 4 |Card6 = Mustache Monument |Quantity6 = 4 |Card7 = Regifting Zombie |Quantity7 = 3 |Card8 = Swashbuckler Zombie |Quantity8 = 4 |Card9 = Duckstache |Quantity9 = 2 |Card10 = Imp Commander |Quantity10 = 4 |Card11 = Stealthy Imp |Quantity11 = 4

100px Night of the Imp! (created by Potatofan017)

Swarm the field full of low-cost cards like Swabbie and Imp,Toxic Waste Imp makes your imps destroy any plant they hurt,Draw tons of cards when you hit the plant hero with Imp Commander,While Cosmic Imp and Imposter supply you with even more imps to play and,When you’ve dragged the game long enough transform all your weak imps to monstrous threats with a Bad Moon Rising.
SwabbieH x3 ImpH x3 Hot Dog ImpH x2 Imp CommanderH x4 ImposterH x3
Cosmic ImpH x4 Smoke BombH x3 Toxic Waste ImpH x3 Backyard BounceH x2 Leprechaun ImpH x3
Bad Moon RisingH x2 Lurch for LunchH x3 Fun-Dead RaiserH x2 Cryo-BrainH x3