This article contains the various community-built decks for Grass Knuckles in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

Grass KnucklesH Rootpocalypse (created by SponsMåns)

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon PvZH Guardian Icon
Starch-Lord buffs roots like crazy! And if this deck is not strong enough, use some Onion Rings to buff your roots!
Starch-LordH x4 Potato MineH x3 Water ChestnutH x3 Onion RingsH x2 PlanternH x3
Soul PatchH x2 Grave BusterH x3 The Red Plant-ItH x3 Spikeweed SectorH x3 Tough BeetsH x2

Grass KnucklesH Power-Up Punishment (created by Lily8763cp)

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon PvZH Guardian Icon
This deck is focused mainly on powering up plants in many different ways. Using Torchwood and The Podfather to power up pea plants' attack, using Smackadamia to increase nut-related cards' health, and using Spineapple to add attack to plants otherwise lacking the ability to attack. Grow-Shroom and Fertilize will also increase the stats of other plants on the field, as Potted Powerhouse gains a boost on each time another cards' stats are increased.
Pea PodH x2 Sting BeanH x2 TorchwoodH x4 Wall-NutH x4 Doubled MintH x1
FertilizeH x2 Grow-ShroomH x3 Pea-NutH x2 RepeaterH x4 SpineappleH x4
The PodfatherH x2 Plant FoodH x3 Prickly PearH x2 SkyshooterH x2 Potted PowerhouseH x1
SmackadamiaH x2

Grass KnucklesH Bullseye Booster (created by Zombotanist)

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon PvZH Guardian Icon
The main focus of this deck is boosting Bullseye plants, Sting Bean, Cactus and Jugger-Nut, and having them do bonus attacks by using Time to Shine and Plant Food to do lots of damage to the zombie hero without them being able to block.
Party ThymeH x2 Potato MineH x2 Sting BeanH x3 Wall-NutH x2 Black-Eyed PeaH x2
CactusH x2 Gardening GlovesH x2 Grave BusterH x2 Jugger-NutH x3 Water ChestnutH x2
FertilizeH x3 FlourishH x3 Grow-ShroomH x2 Hibernating BearyH x2 RepeaterH x2
GuacodileH x2 Plant FoodH x2 WhipvineH x1 Espresso FiestaH x1

Grass KnucklesH Mega pain (created by Iamarepeater)

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon PvZH Guardian Icon
This deck is created such that it will deal serious damage to enemies, either via playing a lot of stats boosting tricks/plants or ensuring that they survive for long periods of time. Grave busters are provided to pick out damage-blockers. Sweet Potatoes and a whipvine to move zombies out of the water lanes, water chestnut to provide great protection and Black-eyed peas will help deter opponents from just playing tricks randomly.
Sweet PotatoH x3 Black-Eyed PeaH x2 Doubled MintH x2 Gardening GlovesH x3 Grave BusterH x4
Water ChestnutH x4 FlourishH x4 Grow-ShroomH x4 Hibernating BearyH x2 Muscle SproutH x1
GuacodileH x2 Plant FoodH x1 Doom-ShroomH x1 Tough BeetsH x2 WhipvineH x1
Poppin' PoppiesH x1 Super-Phat BeetsH x1 Espresso FiestaH x2
Grass KnucklesH Ouch! (created by Meap123)

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon PvZH Guardian Icon
This deck has a few strong points. Cheap Bullseyes like Sting Bean and Jugger-Nut deal unblocked damage early on; Wall-Nut and Water Chestnut create a Citron-Style defense; and Espresso Fiesta and Coffee Grounds give bonus attacks.
Party ThymeH x1 Pea PodH x1 Sting BeanH x3 Wall-NutH x2 CactusH x3
Coffee GroundsH x2 Grave BusterH x1 Jugger-NutH x2 Sea-ShroomH x1 Spikeweed SectorH x1
Sweet PeaH x1 Vegetation MutationH x1 Water ChestnutH x2 FertilizeH x4 Grow-ShroomH x3
Muscle SproutH x1 PlanternH x1 Steel MagnoliaH x2 Bananasaurus RexH x1 Cosmic NutH x1
Plant FoodH x1 Prickly PearH x1 Re-Peat MossH x1 Starch-LordH x1 Plucky CloverH x1
Espresso FiestaH x1