This article contains the various community-built decks for Electric Boogaloo in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

Electric BoogalooH Electrical Dance (created by Lily8763cp)

PvZH Beastly Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck uses mostly dancing zombies. While Aerobics Instructors increases their fellow dancers' power, Flamenco Zombies can deal up to 6 damage with other dancing zombies on the field. Loudmouths and Vitamin Zs are also added to increase zombies like Disco Zombie's health. The Unlife of the Partys will also gain boosts by Disco Zombie and Disco-Tron 3000's ability to summon other zombies.
Backup DancerH x2 Disco ZombieH x4 Disco-Tron 3000H x3 Conga ZombieH x4 Pied PiperH x4
Aerobics InstructorH x3 Flamenco ZombieH x3 JesterH x2 Unlife of the PartyH x4 LoudmouthH x2
Vitamin ZH x3 NibbleH x4 The ChickeningH x2

Electric BoogalooH Gotta Love Them Pets (created by Perin.evrankaya.3)

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As the name suggests, this deck mostly uses pet zombies. Power them up through Zookeeper. The more pets you play, the stronger Cat Lady can get. Use Bungee Plumber and Locust Swarm to finish off plants, and Yeti Lunchbox to power up your zombies.
Skunk PunkH x2 Dog WalkerH x2 Pied PiperH x3 ZookeeperH x4 Dolphin RiderH x4
Cat LadyH x2 Squirrel HerderH x3 Kangaroo RiderH x2 Zombie YetiH x1 NibbleH x4
Locust SwarmH x4 Smashing GargantuarH x2 Deep Sea GargantuarH x2 Bungee PlumberH x3 Yeti LunchboxH x2

Electric BoogalooH Dancing Queen (Face) (created by Toxicfryer)

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This is a dancing zombie deck for Electric Boogaloo that focuses on dealing lots of damage straight to the enemy hero. This deck mainly uses common cards, so it has a very low craft cost which will help beginners. It has a strong early game due to Disco Zombie and Dog Walker, which will usually wipe out any early plants and hopefully deal some damage to the plant hero. Due to the large number of zombies you have, mainly made up of Backup Dancer this should leave you in a good position to summon Exploding Imp or Cuckoo Zombie in an empty lane. Later on in the game, the plant hero should summon some strong plants. All you need to do is place some weak zombies in the way, and with the early damage dealt to the plant hero, Flamenco Zombie, Foot Soldier Zombie and Zombot’s Wrath should be able to finish off the plant hero. If there is a really strong plant you are dealing with, do not hesitate to use your damaging abilities to kill it, although the deck should have enough removal to clear out these plants. The deck also has a large number of buffing cards, so if one of your zombies is in an empty lane, you can give him loads of power. You should aim to win as early as possible with this deck and you shouldn't find this too hard as long as you focus on dealing lots of damage to the plant hero, and not letting the game go on for too long.
Backup DancerH x4 Bungee PlumberH x2 Dog WalkerH x2 NibbleH x2 Tennis ChampH x1
Cuckoo ZombieH x2 Disco ZombieH x4 Exploding ImpH x3 JesterH x1 LoudmouthH x3
Vitamin ZH x3 Zombot's WrathH x1 The ChickeningH x2 Flamenco ZombieH x4 Foot Soldier ZombieH x4
Locust SwarmH x1 Maniacal LaughH x1

Electric BoogalooH Masochism (created by cantoization)

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This deck is all about hurting yourself to make yourself stronger. It's amazing against swarm decks and you can play mind games with your opponent. Easily one of the most fun decks I've ever played - please let me know if you try it! Do light damage to the board with Fireworks Zombie, which buffs Newspaper Zombie, Valkyrie, triggers Barrel of Deadbeards and Jester, and bounces any Kangaroo Riders that may in danger. For your pain, you do explosive damage to your opponent and easily wear down and eliminate your opponent's creatures. Syncs very well with Boogaloo's superpowers. I would love your feedback on this deck! Please comment or send me a message!
Bungee PlumberH x4 NibbleH x2 Tennis ChampH x2 Barrel of DeadbeardsH x1 Newspaper ZombieH x4
Pied PiperH x4 Zombie YetiH x2 Exploding ImpH x4 Fireworks ZombieH x4 JesterH x4
ValkyrieH x2 The ChickeningH x2 Kangaroo RiderH x2 Locust SwarmH x1 Nurse GargantuarH x2

Electric BoogalooH Simply Shocking (created by PeaVZ108)

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This deck is mainly about doing damage to your opponent's plants as quickly as possible. Cards like Bungee Plumber and Conga Zombie can finish off plants faster, specifically mushrooms. Use Exploding Imp to destroy big plants, or if you feel like going on the offensive. Use Gargantuars to swarm the battlefield, but do so if you can afford with enough brains. Not recommended to go all out on Gargantuars. Try not to deploy the Smashing Gargantuar first, unless needed to counter a big plant. Also target to deploy Deep Sea Gargantuar in the Amphibious lane. If all else fails, there's always Locust Swarm! Works well against Kabloom plants. Let me know what you guys think!
Bungee PlumberH x4 Conga ZombieH x4 Newspaper ZombieH x4 Pied PiperH x4 Exploding ImpH x3
VimpireH x3 The ChickeningH x4 Imp-Throwing GargantuarH x4 Locust SwarmH x4 Smashing GargantuarH x4
Deep Sea GargantuarH x2

Electric BoogalooH Legendary plants make great chairs and food! (created by Alugia)

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As the title hints, this decks makes use of bungee plumbers and nibble. This deck is meant to deal with Green Shadow in the later levels, where she repetedly plays legendaries like Doubled Mint and Bannanasaurus Rex. You should use the inclded tricks and superpowers to take out the legendaries. Always hav enough brains for tricks, as Green Shadow may play legendaries. Once you get into the late game, you may be out of tricks. This is when you play gargantuars like Imp-Throwing Gargantuar and Nurse Gargantuar. Also, Maniacal Laugh and Vitamin Z are included to boost them. Is is recomended to use Maniacal Laugh on Nurse Gargantuars, as you will likley heal up to full.
Bungee PlumberH x4 NibbleH x4 Vitamin ZH The ChickeningH x4 CakesplosionH x4
Locust SwarmH x4 Maniacal LaughH x2 Gargantuars' FeastH x1 Imp-Throwing GargantuarH x4 Smashing GargantuarH x4
Deep Sea GargantuarH x2 Disco-Tron 3000H x2 Nurse GargantuarH x2 Zombot 1000H x1

Electric BoogalooH Dancin around the battle (created by Brainzzwhatevzz)

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This deck is meant to take early advantage and attacking the plant hero as much as possible, because Electric Boogaloo will run out of cards easily on late game. Try to not used up all your cards at once. Fireworks Zombie and Conga Zombie will make great synergy with Evaporate, while Loudmouth and Vitamin Z will be a great support for your zombies. If a late game occurs, Maniacal Laugh and the gargantuars can help assisst you.
Bungee PlumberH x2 NibbleH x1 Tennis ChampH x2 Unlife of the PartyH x2 Yeti LunchboxH x2
Conga ZombieH x2 Energy Drink ZombieH x1 Newspaper ZombieH x2 Dolphin RiderH x2 Fireworks ZombieH x2
JesterH x2 LoudmouthH x3 VimpireH x2 Vitamin ZH x3 The ChickeningH x2
Locust SwarmH x4 Smashing GargantuarH x2 Deep Sea GargantuarH x2 Maniacal LaughH x1

Electric BoogalooH Dance of Doom (created by NgThang)

PvZH Beastly Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This Deck focuses on doing damage to plants directly. Pick up each of them by Locust Swarm, B-flat and The Chickening. Tricks may help you do direct damage to the enemy.
Bungee PlumberH x4 CakesplosionH x4 Locust SwarmH x4 B-flatH x3 Conga ZombieH x4
Squirrel HerderH x2 Foot Soldier ZombieH x3 Fireworks ZombieH x3 The ChickeningH x4 Zombot's WrathH x3
AbracadaverH x4 Zombot 1000H x2

Electric BoogalooH The Tides have Turned (created by Davidjnzhu0306)

PvZH Beastly Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck is not meant to have a great early game but the tides will turn in the late game. Use Bungee Plumber to get rid of early threats like Pea Pod. Nibble and Nurse Gargantuar can regain your health. Conga Zombie can work well with Evaporation when Abracadaver in in front of the victim. Buff Amphibious cards with Zombie Yeti and Loudmouth to force the opponent to destroy them. Put Exploding Imps against menacing cards and use Fireworks Zombie with Jester, Newspaper Zombie and Zombie-Making Gargantuars to stress your opponent. Cosmic Dancers give you a supply of buffed dancers and Quasar Wizard gives you superpowers. Garganuars make a great late game push while Maniacal Laugh gives your unsuspecting opponent a finishing blow. If that doesn't end it then the two legendaries would.
Bungee PlumberH x2 NibbleH x2 Snorkel ZombieH x2 Conga ZombieH x2 Newspaper ZombieH x2
JesterH x3 Exploding ImpH x2 Zombie YetiH x1 Dolphin RiderH x2 Fireworks ZombieH x2
LoudmouthH x2 AbracadaverH x1 Quasar WizardH x1 Cosmic DancerH x2 Smashing GargantuarH x2
Imp-Throwing GargantuarH x1 Hippity Hop GargantuarH x1 Deep Sea GargantuarH x2 Maniacal LaughH x2 Surfer ZombieH x2
Nurse GargantuarH x2 Zombot 1000H x1 Gargantuars' FeastH x1

Electric BoogalooH Dance Dance Dance (created by Shpore)

PvZH Beastly Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck was created by Captain Hack. Remembe to use things like Disco-Naut and Binary Stars for good damage.
Disco-NautH x4 Unlife of the PartyH x4 Aerobics InstructorH x4 Conga ZombieH x3 Pied PiperH x2
Synchronized SwimmerH x4 Disco ZombieH x2 JesterH x3 LoudmouthH x2 Cosmic DancerH x2
Orchestra ConductorH x2 Binary StarsH x3 Flamenco ZombieH x3 Disco-Tron 3000H x2

Electric BoogalooH Dancing Focus (created by TohkaYatogami21)

PvZH Beastly Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
This deck is full of Dancing cards. Use Disco-Naut, Disco Dance Floor, and Aerobics Instructor as an early nuisance, while evolving your other Dancing Zombies into a Headhunter. In the end, you get to do a lot of damage with Headhunter, Binary Stars, and Flamenco Zombie.
Disco-NautH x4 Trapper TerritoryH x3 Unlife of the PartyH x4 Aerobics InstructorH x3 Disco Dance FloorH x4
Synchronized SwimmerH x3 JesterH x3 LoudmouthH x4 Cosmic DancerH x4 HeadhunterH x2
Binary StarsH x3 Flamenco ZombieH x3

Electric BoogalooH Gourmet Buffet (created by hockey103)

PvZH Beastly Icon PvZH Crazy Icon
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Cheese CutterH x3 NibbleH x4 Quickdraw Con ManH x2 Secret AgentH x3 Sugary TreatH x4
Area 22H x4 LoudmouthH x3 VimpireH x4 Vitamin ZH x3 Ancient VimpireH x4
B-flatH x3 Smashing GargantuarH x3