This article contains the various community-built decks for Captain Combustible in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

Captain CombustibleH Re-Peat-Burn (created by GamesterD)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
This Deck is a deadly deck which involves boosting Re-Peat Moss as much as possible. If this plant isn't available, use other plants, most notably Pea Pod and Repeater.
TorchwoodH x4 Pea PodH x4 FertilizeH x3 RepeaterH x4 The PodfatherH x1
Fire PeashooterH x2 Berry AngryH x2 SeedlingH x2 Petal-MorphosisH x1 PinecloneH x1
Plant FoodH x2 Re-Peat MossH x4 SkyshooterH x3 BluesberryH x2 Cherry BombH x2
Espresso FiestaH x2 Kernel CornH x1

Captain CombustibleH Yes Peas! (created by Protanly)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
This deck involves using peas to damage ramp as quickly as possible, and to output damage before your opponent even has a chance to set up their defenses!
Pea PodH x4 Sweet PotatoH x4 TorchwoodH x3 Berry BlastH x2 Black-Eyed PeaH x3
Fire PeashooterH x4 Berry AngryH x3 RepeaterH x4 The PodfatherH x4 Plant FoodH x3
SkyshooterH x4 Cherry BombH x2
Captain CombustibleH A tricky deck (created by Kernelmaster26)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
This deck involves lots of tricks and main use of the moss, it is a very useful deck, since Captain Combustible main superpower boosts 4 attack, and because of the fact that the Mega-Grow class has a lot of status boosting tricks, and the Kabloom class has lots of high attack increasing status cards and plants.
Shroom for TwoH x4 Buff-ShroomH x3 Berry BlastH x3 Wild BerryH x1 SeedlingH x2
Grow-ShroomH x2 RepeaterH x2 FertilizeH x4 FlourishH x2 Berry AngryH x2
Plant FoodH x3 Pair of PearsH x1 SkyshooterH x1 PinecloneH x1 Petal-MorphosisH x1
Re-Peat MossH x4 BluesberryH x2 Cherry BombH x1 Dandy Lion KingH x1

Captain CombustibleH They’re Everywhere! (created by GamerNerd i)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
Overwhelm your opponents with a Zerg Rush! Shroom for Two and Pair of Pears bring small plants in large numbers, while Mushroom Ringleader, Muscle Sprout, and Super Phat Beets take advantage of the swarm. Meteor Strike and Cherry Bomb keep zombie lanes as open as possible. Berry Angry, Grow-shroom, Buff-shroom, Embiggen, and Fertilize boost your little guys to last longer. Combine Bananasaurus Rex and Flourish to make Potted Powerhouse grow insanely strong! Throw in Punish-shroom to keep numbers even, and you’re set!
Grow-ShroomH x2 Buff-ShroomH x3 Punish-ShroomH x4 Super-Phat BeetsH x2 FlourishH x4
Cherry BombH x2 Berry AngryH x2 Plant FoodH x2 FertilizeH x2 Shroom for TwoH x4
Pair of PearsH x4 Muscle SproutH x4 Mushroom RingleaderH x2 Bananasaurus RexH x1 Potted PowerhouseH x2
Super-Phat BeetsH x2
Captain CombustibleH Power Peas (created by ThatGuy437)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
This deck revolves around using The Podfather, Torchwood, and Berry Angry to power up your peas. You can then send Potted Powerhouse onto the battlefield most likely at a 10/10. Very simple to use.
Sweet PotatoH x3 RepeaterH x3 Pea PodH x3 Fire PeashooterH x3 Black-Eyed PeaH x3
The PodfatherH x4 Potted PowerhouseH x4 Berry BlastH x3 Berry AngryH x3 TorchwoodH x3
FertilizeH x3 Plant FoodH x3 SkyshooterH x3
Captain CombustibleH The Berry Great Mushroom Doom (created by VeXJL)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
This deck has many mushrooms to pressure early game with berries to take care of powerful Zombies. Also has some other cards that can benefit too.
Bonk ChoyH x1 Party ThymeH x3 Shroom for TwoH x4 Sweet PotatoH x2 Berry BlastH x4
Black-Eyed PeaH x2 Buff-ShroomH x4 FlourishH x2 Muscle SproutH x1 Bananasaurus RexH x3
Sergeant StrongberryH x2 Sour GrapesH x4 BluesberryH x1 Potted PowerhouseH x1 Cherry BombH x2
Super-Phat BeetsH x2 Grapes of WrathH x1 Espresso FiestaH x1

Captain CombustibleH Captain Combonusattackable (created by LawnDefender072003)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
This deck is extremely agresssive. It’s about high-attack Re-Peat Mosses doing plentiful of Bonus Attack to your opponent’s face. Starting off with strong turn 2 and 3 plays such as Black-Eyed Peas and Zapricots, then you come to turn 5 and more with loads of buffing tricks to boost the Re-Peat Mosses and making it deal with your opponent. The Party Thymes acts like a turn 1 play that can take out zombies like Mini-Ninjas, Chimney Sweep and Tennis Champ.
Party ThymeH x4 Berry BlastH x4 Black-Eyed PeaH x3 RepeaterH x3 FertilizeH x3
Grow-ShroomH x2 Berry AngryH x3 ZapricotH x2 Poison IvyH x2 Poison OakH x1
Plant FoodH x2 Re-Peat MossH x4 Espresso FiestaH x1
Captain CombustibleH Mega-Shroom (created by honeyfungus)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
This is a deck which you can boost your mushrooms quickly with Buff-Shrooms and boost your Potted Powerhouse as well. You can kill some zombies with Punish-Shroom when your opponent wants to kill your mushrooms. You can also boost plants you like with The Red Plant-It and Lily of the Valley.
Shroom for TwoH x4 Poison MushroomH x2 Astro-ShroomH x4 Buff-ShroomH x3 Punish-ShroomH x4
Mushroom RingleaderH x1 Cosmic MushroomH x3 Gloom-ShroomH x2 Kernel CornH x2 Umbrella LeafH x2
Lily of the ValleyH x2 Grow-ShroomH x2 Potted PowerhouseH x2 Mushroom GrottoH x4 Berry AngryH x1
The Red Plant-ItH x2
Captain CombustibleH Captain Cancer (created by Happy-shroom)

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
This deck has many win conditions! Spam the Clique Peas early game, or rush with Pineclones, Shroom for Twos, and Mushroom Grotto. When you look like you're about to lose, make a comeback with Re-peat Moss and buffing tricks. Control your opponent with Berry Blast and Banana Bomb to keep them from swarming you.
Banana BombH x4 Banana PeelH x2 Clique PeasH x4 Shroom for TwoH x4 Banana LauncherH x1
Berry BlastH x4 Vegetation MutationH x2 FertilizeH x2 Mushroom GrottoH x4 PinecloneH x3
Plant FoodH x2 Re-Peat MossH x4 Dandy Lion KingH x2 Cherry BombH x2