This article contains the various community-built decks for Beta-Carrotina in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first. 

Beta-CarrotinaH The Nuts Strike Back (created by NgThang)

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Another version of Citron's "A Vast Experience Of Nuttin" strategy deck. Spineapple increase the strength of your Nuts, while Force Field protect them! Turn your defensive strategy into offensive by Pecanolith.
Mirror-NutH x4 SpineappleH x4 SportacusH x3 Galacta-CactusH x4 Health-NutH x3
Planet of the GrapesH x4 SmackadamiaH x3 Force FieldH x4 Jugger-NutH x4 Gardening GlovesH x3
PecanolithH x4

Beta-CarrotinaH Conjuroots (created by GamerNerd_i)

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Beta-Carrotina specializes in Conjuring, and her two Superpower helpers are both Roots, one of whom creates a Root. Toss in Starch Lord, and you have a deck concept that's about as built-in as Carrotina's jetpack. This is a control-oriented deck that starts out rather slow. The only Legendary that is truly necessary is Poppin' Poppies to help come back from aggressive openings. Your mid-game should be dealt with if Starch-Lord manages to survive a few turns. Remember to focus on maintaining board control and the Root synergy created by Starch-Lord's buffs.
PhotosynthesizerH x2 Potato MineH x4 Grave BusterH x2 Planet of the GrapesH x2 Spikeweed SectorH x4
Water ChestnutH x4 PlanternH x3 Spring BeanH x2 Leaf BlowerH x4 Starch-LordH x4
Tough BeetsH x2 Poppin' PoppiesH x2 Soul PatchH x2 The Great ZucchiniH x2

Beta-CarrotinaH Not a Cold Dead Place (created by BlueEyesRobotDragon)

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This deck is one part freezing, one part draw power, and one part conjuring. Defensive cards like Guacodile, Water Chestnut, and Spikeweed Sector defend against big threats while Winter Squash and Snowdrop capitalize on freezing effects. Mayflower, Photosynthesizer, Cosmic Bean, and Sow Magic Beans add potential gamechangers to your hand in the meantime.
Iceberg LettuceH x3 PhotosynthesizerH x3 SnowdropH x3 Wall-NutH x3 Cosmic BeanH x1
Gardening GlovesH x3 Snow PeaH x3 Sow Magic BeansH x2 Spikeweed SectorH x3 Water ChestnutH x3
Chilly PepperH x3 MayflowerH x4 GuacodileH x3 Winter SquashH x3

Beta-CarrotinaH Beans with a Side of Roots (created by Scrooge200)

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Your Beans pressure the opponent, while your Roots and Planterns get stronger with all those Environments and Starch-Lords! With all this drawing and conjuring, you'll never run out of cards to play! If the Zombies get out of control, destroy them with a Doom-Shroom!
Admiral Navy BeanH x4 Cosmic BeanH x4 Planet of the GrapesH x3 Sow Magic BeansH x3 Spikeweed SectorH x3
Cool BeanH x2 MayflowerH x3 PlanternH x4 Spring BeanH x4 GuacodileH x3
Starch-LordH x4 Doom-ShroomH x3

Beta-CarrotinaH All Root Team (created by Shpore)

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This deck was created by Captain Hack. Remember to use many Starch-Lords.
GarlicH x4 Primal Potato MineH x2 SpyrisH x2 Grave BusterH x4 Spikeweed SectorH x4
TricarrotopsH x4 Water ChestnutH x3 PlanternH x2 Rescue RadishH x3 BlockbusterH x3
Starch-LordH x4 Tough BeetsH x3 Soul PatchH x2