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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.

For other uses, see Coins (disambiguation).
Max coins

Players cannot get more coins from buildings when their coins reach max number.

Coins were a currency in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures that were used to grow plants and expand the Player's Town.

Earning methods

  • From buildings.
  • From surviving plants at the end of a level.
  • From leveling up.
  • From winning a Road Trip Level, the player gets a reward (that varies).
  • From completing a townsperson's challenge (varies).
  • From purchasing it with gems (see below).


Like Zombucks, coins can be bought with gems at a predetermined ratio.

Cost: 50 gems Cost: 100 gems Cost: 150 gems Cost: 250 gems Cost: 500 gems
500-Coins-50g 1100-coins-100g 1800-Coins-150g 3250-coins-250g 7000-Coins-500g
500 coins 1100 coins 1800 coins 3250 coins 7000 coins

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